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DR Change Logs
Note: these changes have occurred on various days since the last change log. This will be the last time this will happen the rest of the changes will be posted as they happen no matter how little the change is, even if it's just one exploit fix.

One of deathruns_steam_works' Endings has been changed to easy, what this means is that once picked the deaths will die, this is due to the ending being bugged and not letting you pick up a gun from the wall. 
deathrun_helix: Exploit that occurs during the jump rope section now kills anyone who attempts it.
Deathrun_minecraft_pyramid: A trap that sometimes kills a runner now kills the runner 100% of the time
Adjusted deathrun_holyshit_final's end zone, like tropical island you'll have to slight move forward for your time to count, as it wasn't counting time 100% of the time.
Deaths can no longer item boost up to the gun on deathrun_Italy_rats as well as on deathrun_tomb_raider_final and deathrun_atomic_warfare
Made the zone to prevent the deaths from getting the guns in deathrun_goldfever larger. Made Adjustments to the zones (and added) in the mine area as well.

Item boosting to get into the runners area in dr_space_final is no longer possible without dying.

Made a To-do list, which has been updated since posting. Said thread can be found here.

Pointshop itemsVape crates has been added to the Knife cratesVarious Prices have been adjusted.

Staff requirements have been temporary lowered, as well as some user commands have been adjusted

Discord integration should now be a thing (or least when the server restarts, hopefully)

deathrun_stone_extended: The Fan trap now kills instantly, this is to prepare for the eventual speed cap increase, once the speed cap is increase players are able to use this trap to reach the cap instantly, i.e the zone is to prevent this.

New(ish) map: deathrun_ale-tech_css_dinks, an adjusted version of the map made by reed, From his own words "(the) autotrap where you have a 50% chance of dying every time to a death controlled trap with 3 passageways which can kill you, and only one can be activated" he also did other minor changes. Timezone was added to it as well.

deathrun_Stone_extended's zone was adjusted further to make it larger. Chances are it's not enough and will be made larger in the future.

New A-hop cap: the cap on Autohop has been increased from 500 to 999, this is to give everyone an equal chance of getting a scoreboard time on maps so you don't have to turn off A-hop to go faster, that and the community wanted it.

Death team adjustment: Deaths will now be capped at 3 deaths, this is to prevent too many deaths on one team. the Ratio is still 5 runner per 1 death

!donate has been fixed (forgot to put that in the last change log derp)

Max player count: 20 to 24 players
deathrun_crash_medevil: A trap that pushes you down into a death pit now kills you, it didn't before.

Deathrun_stone_extended: as I said yesterday, the fan trap zone was made larger, this is the last time I'll be adjusting it.

Some Finish zones have been adjusted to make times count easier (mostly the maps where you teleport into the finish zones)

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