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PH Change log
This is basically the same change log as Nuru had here but I did not want to steal the thread so I moved it and am updating this one.

This is just a physical change log so that all can see the changes that are being made to the server.
This list will be maintained and updated each time a change is made.

- Superhero pack, lara croft, predator, removed from server files
These will be fully removed in a week from the server, if you have them and want compensation for them, I am on daily.
You have a week to do so.
- Moved Nami, Alice, Indiana Jones, Emperor Palpetine, Groot, Han solo/chewbacca to deleted models section of shop/edit to warn players of removal
- Man of the Match rewards updated. 10,000 points + 75 premium point option added.
- Removed deleted models from crates.
- awarn system added. 3 warns is a kick. 5 warns is a 2 week ban. 7 warns is a perma ban.
- Discord integration added.
the following commands were added
!discord to join
!link to link account
!sync to sync rank to discord

- Change/edit MOTD to include punishments/etc for the new awarn system
- Teach staff about the new awarn system/explain what ranks get what commands regarding the system.

- Add Titan to staff list/give discord ranks and etc.
- Gather up suggested player models and test them. Compile working models into survey for community to vote on. Survey will run until Saturday, then the most popular will be turned over to Dink. - Adjust requirements for staff apps

- Update to wolvin's new PH Enhanced
- New stuck updated, it now respawns you, alerts staff of stuck usage, and is no longer usable for jumping.
- Player models submitted to dink to add to server.

- Edited models and prices, started in server testing.
- Created new model crate
- Fully deleted old models (Superheros, etc) from the shop and the files.
- Removed the newly removed models from download list.

- Finished testing on models, removed futaba, jimmy neutron, and headless horseman due to glitches/bugs
- Set up text files to include new models into server
- Fixed hats in shop to line up properly with models
- Add new models to download list
Models being added
Cirno - Tohou
Miku append
Ruby Rose
Gang Beast
Plague Doctor


- Edited Illegal spots to reflect examples of visibility, including hiding in meshes being a big bad
- Fixed my dumbass self's mistake and moved deadpool and cirno to secret models, they're tradeable now. MY BAD GUYS.

-Fixed PH enchanced hud/taunt issues with new workshop upload

- Go over apps, accepted 3/4, set ranks on forums, discord, etc.

- Edited reccommended binds on forums to fit current standards
- Edited Staff list, added Deathstar to tmod, Midnight and Momma Blondie to trusted

- Fixed the prop view, carried over to main.
- Fish became admin (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY FISH) set ranks on discord/in game/forum account.

- Removed Clue, and house v3 from rotation
- Added dimmsdale and octagon

- DINK FIXED EVERYTHING YAAAAAAAAY (Prop collision, prop view, minor tweaks and bugs)
- Removed dimmsdale and octagon due to CSS issues


- Edited staff command list to be up to date, moved the old one to ph staff zone to archive
- Edited recommended binds to also be up to date, moved the old one to the ph staff zone to archive

- Andre to mod

- Edited Donor guidelines, waiting for acceptance/submission.
- Edited Staff guidelines, waiting for acceptance/submission.
- Added images to maps on map select in server.

- Ulx custom commands addon updated which should fix some exploits

- Abdel and Midnight to tmod

- Happy back to trusted

- Increased Pet Crate Drop rate to 4.040 from 3.080

- Daily rewards readded!

- Updated pointshop2/discord relay
- Added 3 new maps
- New prop menu added, limit of 5 changes per user/per map with it, enforces banned props list

- adjusted daily rewards to proper values/rewards

- added behind monitor to illegal spots on dimmsdale

- PH rules revised by admins, taken to dink.

- Pixie Joined staff

- Dorkatron removed from staff (resignation)

- PH staff guidelines updated by fish, sent to dink

- tweaked with mapvote, trying to fix (New maps show every time)

- Augmentreality added to staff

- Prop discussion on the chair, admins working on a fix

- Updated taunts thread
- Started "official" suggestions thread
- Happy/Near resigned

- Titan resigned

- Deathstar resigned

- Readded suggestions thread because i deleted it...

- Edited staff list to be correct

Sarcasm Guaranteed (Fish) takes over from here onward 5/14/20

Everything that I can remember happening from January 25, 2020 to May 14, 2020.

Staff list has been updated as of today.
added Pixie to tmod

added Abdel to mod
added Matt Strongrule, Slasheronic, KillerZoreo, Lefjupiter18, Agent Barton, Starling, Bananafluid, and Unfortunatepossum to trusted
Avi, Nuru, Jupiter, Zenful Pikachu, Voss, possibly a few others resigned and have been removed
Avi and Nuru have Donor +
readded Voss and Deathstar, later moved Voss to tmod

adding regulars ghosting with the ghosters to the rules and staff guidelines today
updated illegal spots as needed (a few times)

staff member of the month happened a few times (Winners: Abdel, Pixie Soldier, Slasheronic, Mother Nuru)

a few prop hunt maps have been added awesome warehouse night, clue, dimmsdale updated, vertical city, youturd readded with more to come soon

removed all restaurants except original because creator messed with them, underwataaa2020 removed for same reason (original can still be found on server)

taunts have been tested on overflow, probably to be added next server restart

added jetpacking rule to illegal spots list

updated PH suggestions thread
Dimmsdale fish bowl glitch overall fixed/adjusted
PH map vote fixed
To stop both servers from crashing, pointshop2 has been removed from overflow
staff application requirements updated (hours upped and recording/screenshot question added)

moved Nuru's change logs to Staff zone in case anything happens to this one

overflow player slots increased

gtaawards updated on both servers

added ghosting the ghosters to rules and staff guidelines
adjusted arguing staff and evasion rule updated to better fit scenarios

added new maps like minimall, containership, cruce, and littletown

removed abandoned office, modern house, indoor pool, and ammattirakennus

Avi, matt, Deadpool and Slash resigned during the weekend
added further explanation and pictures to illegal spots making it more understandable

Got taunts added to main and overflow
Updated !motd by removing warning/punishments still found in staff guidelines

Removed a couple staff for being afk

Adjusted the PH visibility and commands in the discord

Added Miss Pauling to Trusted
Updated Staff List

Removed errors from overflow pointshop
set up daily rewards on overflow

added Lt. Star to test mod, updated staff list

Updated illegal spots list

Updated staff list, and updated Travis to test mod
added "Staff Trainers" in discord to help out the new staff that join us in the future, Travis and Starling are the first two to have this role, others may be added at a later date.
Alora resigned, gave her Donor +

updated staff list, added Aki to trusted
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Make sure to make the day.

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