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[TTT] 2020 Rule Revisions
Hello everyone! I've been slowly working on rewording, shortening, and clarifying the current TTT rules. Right now they're quite large and a large section of the MOTD hasn't been updated or worked on for a considerably long time as the rules are very old. After taking community suggestions, as well as feedback from matt_st3 (Strongrule), Gabe, and Tedgp908 I've finally finished working on the current TTT MOTD and have gotten approval from Dink. Starting on 5/22/20, the current MOTD/Rules will be replaced with the new revised version. You can take a look at this now:
Click Here
Current list of changes:

  1. Most of the punishments and staff-specific instructions have been moved to the staff guidelines. This helps shorten the MOTD a lot. This is by far the largest change
  2. Reworded a lot of the current rules to help better clarify things.
  3. Karma-baiting is now a clearly defined and punishable act with a set list of punishments.
  4. Trapping players with the shield gun is now kosable after warning, just like the grappling hook.
  5. Following is now KOSable pre-overtime. 3 warnings+ample time between them is required. Due to the subjective nature of this rule, 3 warnings is currently the best way to implement it. If this rule is abused or misused it will likely be removed.  
  6. Knowingly contributing to traitor objectives is now listed as KOSable, as previously it was listed under SUS-only.
  7. Refusing/Hindering a Detective’s ability to gather DNA is now listed as a Sus action

These changes have shortened the MOTD from 8 pages to barely 6. Any further changes can always be added, so any suggestions, comments, or concerns can be posted to this thread here. Feel free to discuss this there as well.

Again, these changes will take affect on 5/22/20, not immediately. This allows time for people to adjust and review the new rule changes without having to worry about breaking them. Staff will be told to be relatively lax on punishing breaking these new rules for the first week or so to allow the player-base to adjust. 
4/8/20-1 year of staffing TTT
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