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Steve is trusted?
Hey Steven thanks for applying for trusted i'm going to go with a -1 for right now is because when you first came back someone was breaking a small minor rule I get it that its a minor rule but it's still a rule I think someone said "shut up" to another player and i said "please don't disrespect someone" then you started talking about how in your opinion that the word its self isn't bad which opinions is fine but it's also a rule here on every Dinklebergs server
I can see you someday in the ph staff team I would love to change my vote to a +1 when I see improvement

See you on the prop field, Good luck Steven!
Hey Steven, Thanks for applying!

Steven, you are a very open speaker, you have piggy backed on some of the things staff do and say, and you are active on server. You have accumulated a vast amount of friends, and they all have these good things to say, but I too have seen these things Triangle has seen. I've seen you bump heads with trolls of a few occasions since you coming back to the server. I understand that on server there will be those baddies that will say mean things to your friends or other players. It's ok to get angry/upset for your friend's and that people are just gonna be stupid. There's always a procedure to things, warnings, then the gag/mute, and eventually after the proper procedure, a ban request, temp ban, or a full ban depending on the situation. 

I also wanna touch on something you do without realizing. Ghosters, if people are ghosting on server with or without staff on, you rarely ever notice till they end up killing you, your friends, or the entire server. You take priority in continuing to kill people on server (which is entirely fine, you ain't staff and you're just enjoying yourself.) You not realizing that people are ghosting without someone having to tell you to chill on kills, is very questionable whether you understand the proper gathering evidence process. 

For many of these reasons, I'm going to (-1) this app.
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Make sure to make the day.
I am going to deny this for now. You have received items to improve on and should have no problem the next time you apply.

The earliest you can reapply is June 25, 2020.
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Make sure to make the day.

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