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Why not?
I don't think you're serious about wanting to become staff. I asked you to answer a few questions more in detail to gauge your desire to be staff. It's been several days with no response. I think this was more of a spark than a real desire. I suggest thinking more into your applications in the future, and putting more effort into them. 
[Image: blood-drip-23.gif]
Bump - hoping Norms App gets some more feedback on performance and all since he posted the app.
Ingame Names 
Sharky / [Red]Sharky / Hysender / Wizard
Apple a Day keeps Mother Nuru Away 
Your application has been denied.
Work on trying to rdm less, get to know rules better, and get more community support, and take the advice from your peers.

You may reapply 6/30/2020.
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