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trolling and racism
Offender's Name: Telic STEAM_0:1:167391773
Han STEAM_0:1:47407931
[c00mer]Hitl00r STEAM_0:0:74248791
UWutM8 STEAM_0:1:199173360
Koala STEAM_0:1:70470392

Offender's SteamID: ^

Potential Witnesses:

Reason to Ban: Trolling,racism


Other: watch to like 12 mins or so ik you cant see chat as well but they been warned a lot more times. i was on the stem call so sorry for the eco and the lag as well, Han also asked for my age at the near end of the video
They have been dealt with
[Image: blob?bcid=T27hDuVr42UB2g]

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