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Disarmer Not fun if kosable
so those garbage crate items are there to be rare fun items. The fact that the disarmer is kosable defeats the purpose of even using it. You use it to troll or mess with people and boom your kosed and dead and youve only shot it once. The disarmer shouldnt be kosable.
It is only kosable because it damages the user. Any number of damage is able to be kosed
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A weapon used to yoink someone's only effective weapon to defend themselves with sounds pretty KOSable to me..
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Oh okay, I'll shoot you first with the Disarmer and then I suddenly am a T and have a free kill on my hands! Or hey, look, some twat shot me with a disarmer leaving me disoriented and focussed at reclaiming my guns leaving me wide open for a T to kill.

How very fun indeed. For the whole family.
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dumb crate of garbage = bad lol
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You don't know how annoying it is for someone to go around disarming people for no apparent reason across the map.
I'm actually against this.
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You disarm me, you die. If it wasn't kosable from the damage, I'd push for a rule making it kosable simply from its disarming capability.
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I gotta say. The only time I've used the disarmer is when I'm a T looking for an easy kill as described above
Firmly against
Of course it would be kosable, what good reason would there be to disarm someone?
To “troll and mess with people” is not going to cut it I’m afraid
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What's super funny is when you use it as a detective and then someone has a T item on em and you gun em down.
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