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Discord Moderator Guidelines
The purpose of the Discord Moderator role is to assist in moderating the text and voice channels for the Dinkleberg’s Gmod Discord community.  This role is given access to bot commands to be used as a tool to assist in moderation as well as logs to view actions taken by community/staff members.

As a Discord Moderator, you are expected to abide by all server rules in the Dinkleberg’s Gmod Discord server as well as explaining them to members and enforcing them when rules are broken.  When issues arise, you are expected to handle these issues, not contribute to them or ignore them.  When handling issues, you are expected to act as professional as possible.  If there is something you are unsure about, ask questions.  Sensitive content and things discussed in the Discord Committee/Mod Logs channel are to be kept in these channels and not discussed publicly.  You are expected to use these commands seriously, and any abuse/misuse can result in loss of privileges and/or your Discord Moderator rank.

Rule Enforcement:
While the Discord server typically has more relaxed rules than the Gmod servers, we should still treat misconduct in a similar manner, in which we teach members how what they are doing goes against our rules and moving up in severity of punishment based on previous actions by said member. With that being said, context matters in every situation we handle, and we want to ensure we punish for actions that are malicious in context or repeated rule breaking and disregard for warnings.

Punishment Guidelines:
General Information
For punishments, we will try to follow VSMKB (verbal warning, strike, mute, kick, ban) in progression of punishment as much as possible.  With Auttaja, 3 strikes will automute the person for 12 hours, and 5 strikes will softban the user.  Softban acts similarly to a kick but deletes the user’s messages in the past day.  Using the -mute function will mute the person for 1 hour by default (which more time can be added by formatting the message).  Remember, these are a guideline to punishments, if you feel that something warrants more than the guidelines below, feel free to bring it up with the admins in the discord committee channel.

Spamming Text or Voice Channels
Spamming text channels refers to sending multiple messages in excess (i.e. sending 14 messages at once) or repeating the same message over and over.  This also includes spam pinging users or any pingable role.  Spamming voice channels refers to mic spam similar to what’s seen on the Gmod servers.  As such we want to treat these in a similar manner to the Gmod servers.
The bot will automatically detect certain types of spam, including repeating messages >5, multiple messages in a short instance >10, and mention spam >10.  These will log in #moderation-logs, and you can check what was spammed in #bot-logs to give appropriate warnings/punishments.

Punishment 1: Verbal Warning
Punishment 2: Strike
Punishment 3: Strike and Mute for 1 hour
Punishment 4:  
     At this point, if they are at 2 strikes, and need a punishment for spam:
          Add Strike (3rd offense will automute for 12 hours)
      If they are at 3 strikes:
          Add Strike and Mute for 1 day
      If they are at 4 strikes:
          Add Strike (5th offense will auto softban)
Punishment 5: Temporary ban to permanent ban

Trolling/Flaming/Disrespect/Harassment/Enticing Drama
Trolling is the continuous disregard of the rules by breaking multiple while ignoring warnings to stop. User disrespect and harassment come in many different forms but usually target an individual/specific group of people.  Flaming is a form of disrespecting users in that the person maliciously sends insulting messages directed towards another user/group.  Enticing drama is an attempt to spark arguments between users in a common public space usually started privately in dms or another discord.
Punishment 1: Verbal Warning in DMs discussing misconduct
Punishment 2: Strike and DM discussing misconduct
Punishment 3: Mute (based on severity of offense) and DM discussing misconduct
Punishment 4: Temporary ban to permanent ban

The only form of advertising we allow in the discord is in the #creations channel, which users are allowed to post videos, music, and art.  Auttaja will automatically delete any advertisements of discord links.

Punishment 1: Verbal Warning
Punishment 2: Strike
Punishment 3: Mute for 1 hour and Strike
Punishment 4: Kick
Punishment 5: Temporary ban to permanent ban

Inappropriate Names/Discord Icons
At times, users may have usernames that are intended to target/harass other users, or contain offensive language directed towards users.  

Punishments for Inappropriate Names:
Punishment 1: Verbal Warning to Change Username
Punishment 2: Strike and Change Nickname in Discord
Punishment 3: Loss of Nickname Privileges and Change Nickname in Discord

Punishments for Inappropriate Discord Icons:
This will mainly focus on icons that break Discord’s TOS/Community Guidelines and icons that intentionally target/harass other users.  If their icon breaks Discord’s TOS/Community Guidelines (i.e. pornographic/gore/etc.) then have a discussion with that user about their icon and why it breaks said rules.  If they choose to leave their icon, we have no control over changing it, however, a report to Discord’s Trust and Safety Team can be made regarding the icon (see below for the link to the form as well as how to gather the information needed to make a report). BEFORE MAKING A TRUST AND SAFETY REPORT, PLEASE DISCUSS WITH THE ADMINS IN THE DISCORD COMMITTEE CHANNEL OF THE STAFF DISCORD WHAT THE MISCONDUCT IS TO ENSURE WE ONLY SUBMIT PROPER REPORTS.

Breaking Discord’s TOS/Community Guidelines
There are many categories that fit under breaking Discord’s TOS/Community Guidelines, including:
  • Raiding
  • NSFW/NSFL (gore/animal cruelty) content and NSFW content depicting minors
  • Content meant to shame/degrade a person (i.e. sharing sexualy explicit content without someone’s consent/revenge porn)
  • Violations of DMCA
  • Promoting self-harm/threatening to harm a person
  • Doxxing/sharing or threatening to share another’s personal information
  • Any illegal behaviors brought onto Discord
  • Distributing Viruses/Trojans/Worms/etc. that would affect Discord’s service or the other user’s computer
Any malicious misconduct in breaking Discord’s TOS/Community Guidelines will result in a permanent ban.

Ban Evasion
Users found to be ban evading on alternate accounts will be permabanned on their main account (if not already permabanned) and their alternate accounts.

Bot Commands:
Auttaja commands work with user ids.  To find someone’s user id, you need developer mode. To enable developer mode go to User Settings>Appearance>Developer Mode. Then you will be able to right click the user and copy their ID.
Command Format
Auttaja’s command prefix is “-” and follows the basic format -command userid (time) (reason), where time and reason are only used for certain commands.
Example: “-strike 262115384289787904 spam” would add a strike to Avi#4653 for spam
-strike userid reason
-mute userid (time) reason
Only insert a time (m for minute, h for hour, d for day) if you don’t want the default 1 hour time
-kick userid reason
-softban userid reason
Softban will kick and remove their messages for the previous day
-ban userid reason
-unban userid reason
-unmute userid reason
-reason punishmentid new reason
-search userid
-searchall userid
Different than search in that it will show anything deleted
-punishinfo punishmentid
Gives specific information on a punishment
-giverole userid role
Giveable roles are Member, Master, Regular, TTT Chat Restricted, PH Chat Restricted,
role for not changing nickname, role for not spamming reactions

Trust and Safety Reports:
There will be times where members of the community write/post something that breaks Discord’s TOS.  This type of misconduct will need to be approved by an admin before making a report.
Discord has written a useful How To Guide that explains everything you need in order to make a Trust and Safety Report online, as seen here:
Once you have approval to make a Trust and Safety Report and gather all of the evidence needed for the report, head over to the Discord Submit a Request form and fill in the information, found here:
There will be times where inappropriate content is posted and should be removed immediately and reported, DO NOT JUST DELETE THIS CONTENT.  When you right click the message/image that needs to be reported, click delete, and toggle on the Report to Discord’s Trust & Safety button, then follow the prompt from there.  This will allow you to delete the content in question without having to wait to make the report.

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