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PH News Bulletin 6/1/20
Okay so this is a summary of everything that has happened server/forum side. Most if not all of this can be found in the PH Change log. This is just listing changes to the server/forums/community.

1st of all, congratulations to Starling for being staff member of the month for June 2020.

Notable changes that happened specifically in the month of May include:
  • An addition to the ghosting rule that was discussed  and implemented
  • New maps including awesome warehouse night, clue, updated Dimmsdale (thank you @Hillrop for your hard work), veritcal city, little town, awesome container ship, youturd and others were added
  • Maps were removed such as abandoned office, all restaurants except for the original, underwataaaa 2020, modern house, indoor pool, and ammattiakennus 
  • New taunts were added and tested on overflow. They were then moved to main. Giant thanks for @"§6SEMBER_UNO" for leading this with Dinkleberg to finding taunts, adding them to the server and testing them. Everyone should join and test them out
  • Warnings and punishments have been removed from !motd to make them easier to read and navigate for players
  • An addition to the illegal spots list was added. Each spot now has a further explanation and at least one picture showing the the spot is illegal. 
  • Overflow slots added

Thank you for @matt_st3 (Strongrule) for helping me figure out how to get the illegal spots with pictures on the forums without either having one giant illegible thread or by having a thread for each individual map. Thanks also go out to various editors who read and looked through the illegal spots list with pictures and other documents such as the ghosting rule addition: @Mother Nuru. @[Yellow] Travis1421 @Lt. Star and @The Triangle

I wanted to also thank all of the staff for sticking around during these rough times. The last couple months have been rough and the influx of players have certainly had their rough spots with increased hacking and trolling. Continue showing patience, having communication with one another, and working together to keep gameplay for everyone on the servers as smooth as possible.
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Make sure to make the day.
its my birthday
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The motd looks so clean now thank youuuu
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Thank you for doing this Fish.

I haven't been expecting an update for PH for like 3-4 months now but thank you for the head ups of the new things that are added and removed from PH.
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Better admin
I will never not say it
Good job fishy boy
And good job staff
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Nicky said he would give me his admin and I never received it, who do I talk to about this?
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This is nice
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