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Discord Staff Expectations
These will serve with the Discord Staff Guidelines as expectations of each rank.

Discord Helper:
Discord Helpers are the first rank obtainable and serve as a training rank for Discord staff.  Helpers have access to strikes and muting, but not kicking or banning.  Discord Helpers will:
-Assist in moderating the text and voice channels
-Abide by all Discord server rules 
-Explain and enforce the rules to members following the Discord Moderator Guidelines
-Intervene in issues as they arise without contributing or ignoring them
-Act in a professional manner when handling issues
-All content and issues handled by Discord Moderators are to be kept in the Discord Staff channels and NOT discussed outside of these channels
-Use commands appropriately; they are not toys and misuse/abuse can result in loss of privileges/rank
-Vote on Discord Staff applications and give feedback on potential candidates

Discord Moderator:
Discord Moderators are the next step in Discord staff.  These staff have been trained in handling Discord staffing, and serve as a guide for the Discord Helpers.  Their responsibilities include:
-All responsibilities that fall under Discord Helper
-Assist in kicking/banning members for continuous infractions
-Assist in training Discord Helpers to understand how to use commands, organization of Discord Staff channels, etc.

Discord Administrator:
The Discord Administrator is in charge of the Discord staff team and has responsibilities including:
-All responsibilities that fall under Discord Moderator
-Oversee Discord Moderators in their actions and decisions when handling issues
-Oversee Discord Staff applications and approve/deny them
-Oversee Forum section for the Discord and keep it up to date
-Keep Discord Bots up to date and find alternatives if these bots no longer function or are removed
-Ensure Discord rules follow Discord TOS and Guidelines as these documents are updated
-Write guides, keep guides up to date
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~

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