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Discord applications are interesting.
Discord Name: TheTriangle#6946 

Discord ID: 467659842803204096

When First Joined(Estimate): May 2018
What is your age: Well over 18
What rank are you applying for (Helper or Moderator): Helper

What can you do to help the Discord community: Former Discord Moderator when it was brand freaking new and complete chaos along with just a meme. Monitoring Discord is fairly easy from my phone and with a soon change in scenery I would be able to monitor it with the over the ocean crowd/late night crowd (if you're in the states it would be your late night). I'm obviously not the best person in the world but I'm always willing to talk things out with people if there's a misunderstanding and find a solution. With my previous experience as a Discord Mod I have some familiarity with commands and responsibilities of Discord Helper, though I'm always open minded to the reality that I have things to learn. 

Why you want to help the Discord community: I've been here for a while and have watched the crap hit the fan many times. Watched many players get by with questionable things for too long, and now that a stable system is being implemented I'd like to help more so in the community. I'm not looking for a fight on the Discord nor am I looking to solve your problems, my own objective is to keep the peace. Life is crazy enough as it is, and we as a community don't need people flying off the handle over little things that can be reasonably talked about in DM's or in the correct places.  Things have honestly chilled out a lot over the past few months (surprisingly) and my hope is to keep things relaxed and comfortable for people. 

Other: Questions, concerns, or violent outbursts? Feel free to put them in your responses here or DM me directly. Thanks for Reading, make it a great day. 
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big +1 you have done this before and you're someone we can relay on keeps a cool head and would be a great addition
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Future owner  Big Grin
-1 last time you only did this for status and did absolutely nothing to control the discord from trolls and idiots alike. I remember specifically pinging discord mods to delete a racist/nsfw post and being told by you to not ping discord mods. Nah dawg.
save some flies for me guys
(06-10-2020, 07:31 AM)Foxka oops Wrote: -1 last time you only did this for status and did absolutely nothing to control the discord from trolls and idiots alike. I remember specifically pinging discord mods to delete a racist/nsfw post and being told by you to not ping discord mods. Nah dawg.
Hey Foxka thanks for bringing this up! 

When Discord Moderator first became a thing we ran into a lot of problems:
- People pinging for the meme's or the lol's of it
- Discord Moderator was severely lacking in abilities to take action. 
- We had little to no direction/guidance
- There were only 2 Discord Mods

To go into detail a little bit about each of these in an effort to educate.

Within the first day of the pingable role being implemented we had over two dozen pings because people though it was funny. It only got worse from there. People would continue to ping the role over trivial things and all we could say is "take it to DM's". 

In the beginning the abilities we had were: Kick, Temp Ban, and Perm Ban. The ability to: Mute and add/remove roles did not come till way later. Thus making it difficult control the situation. Even the Warning system we used was still having issues in the beginning. We warned and warned and warned and warned, of course nothing could happen because we as Moderators couldn't mute them at this time. We had to get an Admin to Mute them or stop them from using reactions over and over again. It was both annoying and frustrating. 

The guidance given to us was very little as it was a new thing still in development. You can ask any of the current or previous Discord mods that this was difficult time to figure out how to go about punishing people without being reprimanded. To find the line of "what is too far" became difficult with no real guidance. 

Only 2 Mods. Myself and Near to manage/moderate all of the different sections of the Discord. It was a crap show. It almost seemed like with the arrival of the Discord Moderator role people decided to push the limits of things even more. It was difficult for myself and probably near too considering we are only an hour a part in time zones (once I was back in the states) and both have full time jobs. Yes, some  things were probably missed. 

Skip to here if you don't want to read an origin story

Now specifically to what you said Foxka, the NSFW thing was deleted and the situation handled by near if I remember correctly as I was at work. If you were part of the trolls that kept pinging Discord Mods for stupid stuff then I probably told you or the group to stop pinging discord Mods. I appreciate the ping for the actual issue, as the pings with real issues did make it easier to find the problem and problem people which help weed out some of the problem people in the end. 
You stating that I decided to join the discord Mods as a status is very false. I decided to join the discord Mods because I was moving and wouldn't be able to be on the server, don't believe me? Ask any of the PH staff as I put a message in our PH Staff Chat stating that I wouldn't be able to be on server due to moving from Korea back to the states. I wanted to still be involved where I could be. You are free to your opinion and I welcome the opposition along with differing opinions. 

I do appreciate you bringing your opinion/perspective here. Have a great day Foxka
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You do realise you now won’t be allowed to have a RDMS really want to give that up!?

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I would overall fine with him coming back. He handled the role pretty well considering that there was no set way to handle things and there were at best only a few of them at the time. My only slight concern if he would have the role for a bit and then just drop it again but I also allowed him to become tmod on PH so I should probably put this concern to rest.

He is a good guy and I believe that he will be able to handle the role and he knows how to act responsibly. +1
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Overall I’m torn. The first time around was disappointing. I’d seen better performance out of server mods who had only kick and ban. It felt like the discord was only getting worse with no one willing to be bothered. The handling of the health and wellness channel is up there in the list of top handling failures within the discord. Might be the #1 as most anything else has been an individual person or event. I dont simply mean the removal either, which I still oppose, but the failure to handle the most clear cut channel outside of announcements. It was a meme dump in the end, not to mention toxic responses to people seeking help, and was completely preventable.
As to your bullet list most issues could have been handled with warn until you think it’s not getting across, kick to get it across, and ban when it continues. At least that’s for anything that didn’t already have guidelines. Otherwise follow guidelines. I don’t remember offhand what was written back then.
As to reprimands, it’s depends from whom. If the trolls are mad then you’re doing the job right. If it’s from superiors and theres no defined guidelines then it should be a discussion not a reprimand. The first iteration was a test phase, feeling out what’s appropriate for a new way of staffing the discord. If you’re not getting feedback you’re not testing the limits correctly. And if the reprimands are from random bystanders then take the feedback for what you think it’s worth based on if they would have a reason to know. A past admin would know more than a guy who joined 30 minutes ago claiming he was an admin on another discord server for 10 years but doesn’t know how to work mobile discord.
TLDR; when there’s a lack of guidance you can only rely on yourself. All rules have to be shaped from somewhere. So if this were a discord mod app I would not approve. This being for the training rank, with newly defined structure, I’m ok with this to see what a training period will bring.
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I think ill give a +1 like he said, Discord Mod has changed sense then and ive seen improvements in Voss. Goodluck
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This application has been denied. We discussed your upcoming activity and that situation, and I will encourage you to apply again when you will be active. That being said, feel free to reapply 7-13-2020 (or later pending your activity).
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