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Unban request
Steam Name: acskama

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:88239058

Who banned you: [Blue]ChiefRunning[yellow]Wolf

Reason for ban: Hacking

Reason for Admins to unban you: I was accused of using an Aim assisting program. Since I didn't record my gameplay I have no proof that I wasn't cheating, so I'm just going to walk through all the kills I got in the recorded videos. Some of the kills I got were infact pure luck. I'm gonna try to walk through all the kills I got in the '2020 06 16 21 05 40' video. At 0:22 looks like an aimlock, but that's just a flick. At 0:35 I wanted to knock over the table, but when I threw the bag at the monitor I saw that the can didn't fell over so it must be a player. 1:43 I always bump these huge kitchen tables, but this time they didn't make that metallic sound so I shot it to make sure and I was right. 1:51 I only got that kill because he started moving, I didn't even suspect that they were next  to eachother. 2:54 Those table were parallel, and looked out of place I bumped the first one, it had normal physics, then I bumped the second one and it didn't even budge, then I got a kill. Now onto the '2020 06 16 21 14 44' video. 0:01 Like every prop hunt player I also knock these lamps over, but when I hit it with another lamp it didn't fall over so it was someone hiding. 0:50 This clip speaks for itself, the second couch didn't have proper physics, as for the kill itself, it looks like a case of silent aim, but don't forget that I had like 130+ ping, so that's why all shots look a bit off. 1:19 Literally my luckiest find, I can't say anything about this one, I got lucky here. I didn't check the room further because it didn't seem too griefed so I let it pass. 2:15 I was checking the kitchen and I wanted to get myself killed, so I can answer my friend's question, when I actually found the player as that blue shelf thing 2 things happened: 1. On my screen the wall got bloody on the first hit with the SMG, and the 2. is I didn't lose HP. 2:20 Like I've said before I was trying to kill myself because I wanted to answer my friend, and I ended up finding another guy. Another lucky kill. 3:55 I just randomly shot at that globe and I even missed it, wouldn't have tried to shoot it again but it ran away. 4:00 The ammobox was bugged inside the wall and the other ammobox, that's why I started
shooting it

Extra details/information: Sometimes I do spot players but I tend to leave them where they are and if I come back a minute or so later to find them in the same spot I kill them, and due to my flicks it looks like I'm using an aimbot. I was standing still for a few seconds multiple times because I was talking to my friend on Steam about TF2 related stuff. Also, the video was recorded at an inconsistent 5-15 FPS, so it does make some of my flicks look like aimlocks.
Here is the the ban request with the video he is talking about.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.
From watching the video, you do seem to go straight to places where there is a prop. Once you kill said prop in the area you move on to a different location where the next prop is. You go straight to them and check the area where they exactly are at. You don't check the rest of the room like you are sure there is nothing else in there like a normal prop hunt player. Imma be honest if the video was smoother it would've captured a much better scene. People can explain and depict the video's actions, but all I see are either claims of being extremely lucky and bluffing that you "saw" the props left them alone and went back for them later or this a good case of a hacker getting caught red handed.

The initial flick does looks very suspicious and the fact that when you switch from your shotgun to your smg, your smg locks on the prop. There is no recoil in your shooting, but that could be client side stuff. I do believe in the luck stuff, but your hunting has alot of gaps in it.
[Image: 6yaEib5.jpg]
[Image: LoMemiJ.png]

Watched the Videos. Blatant Hacking. 

"2:20 Like I've said before I was trying to kill myself because I wanted to answer my friend, and I ended up finding another guy."
Easiest lie I've ever spotted. If you were ACTUALLY trying to kill yourself you wouldn't have continued sprinting around to the next prop and would have shot more items in the kitchen that is FULL OF PROPS. 

A couple of fun tells that you're cheating:

Frequently you stop after you've killed a prop, (given you could be messaging your friend) then go right back to sprinting/hopping towards props that you find by "luck"


With your hopping around the map you also do a quick scan of the floor to see if there's any indicators of a player/prop on that floor. If no props, you skip back up/down the stairs to the next area to scan for props.  You don't search in the rooms, you stay in the open area until you've found a prop by "luck" hiding in a room that you haven't even been in.  

There is 1 time that I found in the video where you entered a room and knocked a few things over until the other guy in the room shot the prop in there you were looking for, then you left the room without even searching the last little bit of the room. Interesting. 

Anyways. to make a short story shorter. -1 Bad hackers gonna get banned. Cheers Mate
[Image: 0000000.gif]
I remember that day, not in the video, but the day you killed me a few times without checking the room.You don't control rooms with too many objects, I don't know, you feel it or are you very lucky ? -1 if I can vote
nice flick on that bookshelf, lmao
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The proof shows it clearly
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smacked tf out that bookshelf lolllllllll -1
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[Image: svLjMZL.png]

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I don't know what else I could say, I'll just upload a demo of me flicking onto random props on ph_story2 while bhopping with my scroll wheel... I know that a recording would be better, but this should do it, you can also slow it down as much as you want. Decide how you want, but my ban was wrongful. I'm out.
I am going to deny this unban request.

There is no logical way you ran into the room with around 100 boxes, ran up to the only one without checking any of the others killing the prop, and then running out without checking any of the others. You do not really search much throughout these two videos. In rooms you somewhat check, you only find one prop and then run out without checking the rest as if it's some crazy idea that only one prop could hide in a room.

Also, your video of hacking was unnecessary and didn't help you. The earliest you may put in a request again is 7/24/2020.
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