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What happened to the crowbar damage?
Well i noticed a few days ago that the crowbar damage turned from 25hp per hit down to 10hp per hit. So i would appreciate it if it could be increased to 25hp again because of two big reasons:

1. New players without a knife have no chance in a 1v1 against a knife that only needs two hits when they need 10 ... before they needed 4 hits what would be the same as a (not head and not backstab) knife leftclick hit i guess

2. I'm not sure if the player damage affect the damage against props as well but i had the feeling i need a lot more hits/time to destroy objects on maps to get pass them (For example on goldfever it feels like i need at least dopple the time to destroy one of these big wheels) because of this the now active map records can't be beaten at some maps like goldfever because i need at least 6 seconds more because of the wheels.

Yeah hope this get changed back to 25hp so these 2 "problems" get solved :3

Wish you guys a nice day and see you on the server bye

(I'm sorry for my not 100% correct english but i guess you guys understand it anyway ^^)
Gmod's update screwed up the Crowbar's damage, so there isn't really anything we can do about it for the time as far as I know of, I could be wrong tho.

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