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ExperienceOrbs Application
Experience, you really need to learn timing and you need to understand when to stop.
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I think this is the perfect time to lay out some key points in which you need to improve on, with some needing drastic improvement.

- You troll A LOT, and even if you say you are not intending to troll, you do it. I do not know why, but this is something that you need to fix if you want to have any chance at becoming staff in the future.

- You really are not well educated on the rules. This is something that can be easily fixed.

- You are active in the discord FWIW, but you arent really active here. Get to know everyone in the community; make an introduction post and also do ban requests. It helps those making the decisions to see that you really care.

So this is a -1, but take this advice that I am giving you and that others are doing as well and improve. I think it can happen, but not at this moment.
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I have played with you a few times. Your very fun to play with and stuff but I did also see you troll sometimes.

I think it's best to wait a while before becoming staff. The staff doesn't want to see any staff abusing the rules or just doing random shit in general.

I recommend you try again later once you feel like you are a normal player that doesn't troll others.
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-1, you troll/bother me a lot. Whenever I'd play late at night you would repeatedly ask when I will get off. Maybe take this feedback from us into consideration and hopefully you can reapply when you really feel ready!
At this time, your application has been denied. If you are serious about staffing in the future, I do encourage you to take the advice given in this thread and using it to grow as a person. You may reapply anytime on or after 7/29/20.
4/8/20-1 year of staffing TTT
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