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DR Green
Ingame Name:  The Triangle

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:432781129

Time Played: 22+ hours

When First Joined: May 2018

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): 12pm - 112am UTC Mon-Sun

Rank Desired: DR Moderator

Current Rank: Test Mod

What can you do to help the community: Remove/punish those who are violating rules. I'm familiar with the Moderator Commands and responsibilities as a former PH Mod, yes this is DR and things are run different but I've been involved with DR more actively for a while now and have a decent grasp of how the server is ideally managed. Most of my interactions and actions are behind the scenes because that was easier at the time but now I can be a bit more actively engaged. Responding to ban requests with the actual ability to do something about it. Honestly I wouldn't be applying for Moderator if Tmod had the temp ban function because that would be sufficient to deal with MAJORITY of the situations we've had in the previous months. 

Why you want to help the community: DR is very fun, especially if you get the right mixture on server. I enjoy playing the game mode even though I am awful at it. Many moons ago I bought Tmod (Yes that was a long time ago and a thing) because at the time there was no active staff and things on the server were complete mayhem. I still jump onto the server on occasion and love the game mode. Due to COVID the server has become very popular but with Trolls. AS a Tmod there I'm basically a Trusted, the most I can do is Kick people for what they're doing or gag/mute them repeatedly while they evade punishment. It's frustrating, and we don't have active people with ban capabilities around. 

Have you been sponsored? @Titan17

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): Negative 

Have you previously applied for staff (Link Relevant Posts): Negative 

How did you find us?: Jumped from TTT to DR with the !hop function. 

Other:  Understand that I am not promising a massive jump in my time on server, majority of my time will be towards reviewing and fulfilling ban requests along with answering the on call pings when possible.  DR isn't a full time server, majority of the time I can leisurely get on the server is dead, so I still frequent PH as I'm a Tmod there too. It's very easy to balance between these two servers considering DR fluctuates in activity dramatically, while PH is fairly constant and self sufficient with ample of staff and donors that help staff. 

Thank you for reading. 
Have a beautiful day.
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voss i'm going to give you that big -1, all jokes aside You engage with staff, you help a lot on server and off server, i think a step up will help dr then anyone thinks there only 1 or 2 active staff members with the capability of the ban Command

there not that much i can say tbh ik you from ph and dr lawl and tbh it would just help dr out

I'm glad you want to help dr out more <3

Good luck old man +1
Voss, I might not play with you on DR, however, I've seen how you work in PH, and let me just say...

It's freaking beautiful, man.

I definitely think you have what it takes to be a full on moderator. Even if you are an ancient being and should be classified as one of the Wonders of the World, you're amazing at doing what needs to be done, and taking care of problems head on.

Big ol' (+1) from me. Good luck!
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I don't think I've seen you on the server yet, but you have been super helpful and responsive on discord and on the forums! You always reply on the ban requests I do and would try to help out whenever we ping staff. It would be great to have someone help Titan with the bans and such as well.

Good luck!! +1
I only think I've interacted with you on the server the one time you came on a few days ago. I haven't seen you staff myself so I can't say anything about it. But from what I know on discord you do try to help and give advice on how to deal with a situation and you are quite responsive. I'm sure upper staff know you better and your abilities to take care of the server.

Amazing PH mod from my understanding so easy +1
save some flies for me guys
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Voss should have +1 from everyone for the following reasons:

1) 10/10 good guy
2) dad jokes
3) might actually be dad
4) amazing staff - does good stuff

But in all, it's an absolute pleasure to staff with you, I think you should just be forever staff
I'll shit it express!
Professional cat cuddler
Queen of Sass
Well I guess you could consider this a bump but I back up Triangle on this.

I've seen his staffing capabilities for well over a year now and can say that he is capable for anything that DR can throw at him. He knows how to deescalate situations when he can and can be chill to play with.

[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.

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