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Offender's SteamID:  STEAM_0:1:546967

Offender's Rank: Donor

What They Did: Staff disrespect, Star and I have had an issue the other day regarding this, continuously calling out ghoster's in game and then gets upset when staff is in the middle of trying to gather evidence in order to apply for a ban. 

When They Did It: 07/22/2020

Potential Witnesses: Starling, Ivan, HowlingMad, RangerFTW234

Screen shots of chat:

Glizzy Calling out ghosters:
Me having to MUTE him and use my mean voice:


this is definitely NOT the first time I have witnessed him do this, staff disrespect from anyone should be treated appropriately. If Glizzy is going to be calling out ghosters via voice chat, using commands while staff is online and being disrespectful towards staff he may want to reconsider his purchase for future servers. By all means, if you have concerns about someone ghosting mention it, but it needs to be handled appropriately and in staff chat. The people he is complaining about are people I have been watching, being that we were on Cruc, that map is a shit show, its hard to really nail down ghosters on a small map, how many times do we need to tell one person to stop calling out ghosters, ESPECIALLY someone who is a donor. 
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I'll just add these here
[Image: GLIZ1.JPG]
[Image: GlIZ2.JPG]
[Image: GLIZ3.JPG]
[Image: GLIZ4.JPG]
As well as these happened, on 07/20/2020
[Image: Gliz5.JPG]
[Image: GLiz6.JPG]
this is some really bad abuse right here... using commands while staff is on? then being disrespectful when staff is asking you nicely to stop? +1 donors by now should know the rules and follow them..
Have experienced similar issues with him, particularly reading the edges with his profanities and mic spamming.

Idk if this is a thing I can +1 lol?. But I agree he needs a warning at least.
I have also had this issue. I was literally talking to lt. star about this earlier lol. He's definitely a bad donor, and there's been multiple times where he will engage with the trolling and just generally doesn't have respect for anyone else. He's worse whenever staff's not online, believe me. I wish the recording I had caught the audio :/

Overall, he definitely needs a warning, if not to have his donor tag taken away.
[Image: Capture.PNG]
What I have isn't abuse but it does show character and disregard for rules and they should know better. Muted for chat spam.
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With the evidence, he needs some form of punishment. His behavior is not okay. At all.
I'm glad Pauling and Starling where able to handle the situation but I'm also so sorry you both had to deal with that.
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If you're making a claim that you've witnessed something, please include either screenshots or video to support your claim. 

Thank you ^_^
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I have been on with him a couple of times.
He really gets butt hurt when someone finds him and says some rude things over the mic.
This person will receive a Donor strike for using commands while staff are on, arguing with staff, spamming, and calling out ghosters in chat/vc (a variation of the PH spamming rule)

Since they have called out ghosters multiple times, they will also be banned for 3 days to get the point across.
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