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New Beginnings

I should've done this intro beforehand but anyways my name is Prophet_Himself and I have been on and off the TTT server since the Summer of 2017 when I bought this game while the steam summer sale was occuring and I have fallen in love with this OG game ever since!

I was pretty young at the time and being a shy kid I never really interacted with the community and I left it at the server and thats it, but moving forward as I've grown and matured a lot more I wanted to begin a new beginning with the server and the community after a very long hiatus due to school (briefly returned back in 07/19 but had to leave due to alot of school pressure with assignments etc./ clearly shows in my past posts)

With school finally being done I want to again start a new beginning with y'all and start with a clean slate!

Just a bit about me I like Swimming , I like eating Lasagne and spending quality time with friends! Also I am from Canada!

There are many new faces since my last departure and I am thrilled to make new friends in TTT so see you there!
Hello, welcome to the forums. Stop by in PH sometime. c:
[Image: giphy.webp]
Hello welcome

Hope you enjoy your stay :3
Hello, Welcome to the forums
Dr Admin
ex-Ph Trusted
welcome to the forums! ;o
hope to see you on TTT soon!

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