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Here is the same scenario of me propkilling in front of others. Nobody killed me or kosed me. Should all 3 of them be banned? This happens everyday lol.
(07-31-2020, 05:45 PM)aethy Wrote:
(07-31-2020, 05:40 PM)dong Wrote: Aeth0r: I'm beginning to see more how this is a reach. I made the initial decision because it looked like you were blatantly ignoring Caddy, thus the teaming factor while going for the other guy.

I wasn't online. I took evidence from my staff team and used their input to issue the bans. I don't see why this is making me out to hate them whenever I've never had problems with any of them. It was poor judgement in a few ways, yes, but I have had a migraine for over 24 hours. I'm bound to make a mistake, but this wasn't out of bias.
Ignoring Caddy? I went to propkill the closest person to me which was keebler.. had I went for caddy would keebler be banned for teamming? They were the last 2 innos so one of them had to be the last alive.. given all that I killed Caddy in the end so I don't understand how I was "blatantly ignoring Caddy"
I pointed out how this is a reach. I apologize. The video shows her behind you the entire time, you could've known she was there, I don't know. But you had the option to either kill her or Keebler. I noticed that in the video, it seemed like you were ignoring her and that's why I banned.
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(07-31-2020, 05:49 PM)J@CK XDDD Wrote:
(07-31-2020, 05:34 PM)fat people genocide challenge Wrote: honestly i believe if you’re going to permanently ban someone it should be a solid decision backed by solid evidence. i know that isn’t always possible in all situations but in one like this, where you’re permanently banning two regulars who dedicated a lot of time to playing with people and being in the community, it shouldn’t be a light decision. this evidence is simply not enough to justify permabanning Caddy and Aethor, even when you factor in their individuals past grievances.

I also think it goes without saying that copyright had nothing to do with this and should be unbanned.
Dont know what you mean by this the staff banned them for teaming it was their 2nd offense and that is a perma banned thats why it was a perma banned regardless if someones a regular or not 2nd offense of teaming is a perma thats just the rules. Now my thoughts is that things seemed a bit stretch since aethor was still actively killing people with props so this probaly wont stick however, staff was just doing its job and people shouldn't be attacking them for the decisions made their is a reason you are allowed to make an unban request because sometimes mistakes are made. Being an asshole and attacking staff members personally aint a good way to go about stuff and people notice.

for one, like i said, it’s a permanent ban and that shouldn’t be handled without solid airtight proof. that would be the next step in their punishment for teaming but the problem is that they weren’t teaming, so no, they shouldn’t be permanently banned. also caddy has never been banned for teaming.

nobody is attacking anyone either from what i can tell; if someone is taking the stuff i say (or the stuff serious posters are saying) personally then that’s a bad sign on the staffs part. but this is gmod and it’s a poor ban, so anything said should be about that ban unless it’s a blatant personal attack. framing criticism as attacks is not a good move and you really need to watch it with that, because that alone could turn something like this into a bad situation.
(07-31-2020, 05:40 PM)dong Wrote: Caddy: I banned you because from the view of the video you watched Aeth0r kill two people and did nothing. It wasn't brought up that you "were looking for a barrel" until this was made.
I for one personally don't think the looking for a barrel argument is valid, because at 0:20-0:21 in the first video caddy can be seen standing at the top of stairs watching aethor near an undi'ed body with a prop after just 2 seconds earlier flinging that prop at high velocity towards that player.  They made no movement to go pick up the barrel, or aim/shoot in aethor's direction.   Then did the same when aethor tried to propkill Ernie Keebler, when he missed once then got it on the 2nd try.  At no point during that were they doing anything but watching aethor kill people.  It was only when Caddy and Aethor were the last 2 left that they attempted to do anything to each other.  So this one seems fairly obvious to me, because Caddy had more than enough time to go search for a barrel or do something to counter/go after Aethor.

Aethor's is definitely more of a reach.  Unfortunately, we cannot view the old logs due to them being broken, but he appears to be going after Caddy until he makes the decision to go after Ernie.  Then he has the 1v1.

Copyright should be unbanned.  At 0:21 in the first video you can see him place the body bomb on Caddy, then at 0:47 on the 2nd video, you can hear the body bomb on Caddy.  I am assuming that he was waiting for the 1v1 to end before exploding it.
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You've been unbanned.
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