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A snicks a day keeps the trolls away
+1 fucking easily. Snicks is constantly on the server and doing the best she can to keep it a healthy community. I honestly look up to her as a role model and want to strive to become a staff and become as good a staff she was. Thanks for always being there snicks!

well, they've kinda said it all.
She's got time and experience. She knows how to deal with many different situations that come up and I feel as though she's ready for T-Mod. This is unbiased, I swear.
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+1. I see her work twice as hard, just being trusted with the limited amount of power, to make sure the trolls are controlled in the server. She's dedicated and calm and knows how to control situation. Her being tmod with the extra commands would help even more in dealing with troublemakers.
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Congratulations your application for Tmod has been accepted 
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