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First Time Greener
(09-14-2020, 07:16 PM)Sarcasm Guaranteed Wrote: I have concerns that I want Happy to address, they have happened in the past and I would like to see what he says going into the future. I realize I may receive from heat for this which is why I ask specifically only for Happy aka Dad to respond to this.

My concerns rely on you possibly showing favoritism and occasionally causing unnecessary drama around Dinkleberg's. Yes, I realize being friends with individuals may make things appear that a bias could have formed, but a couple times I believe it went too far.

I'll start with the most recent, and that's when you were joining the TTT server as the King/leader of Nigeria essentially. You could have picked ANY country to be the leader of, but you choose one of the two basically that trolls and racists use to cause issues and drama on the server? After a staff member, Cactus, confronts you trying to get you to alter your name to not trigger the trolls, you go into the staff discord and throw a tantrum. You do not message Cactus to try and work things out, you do not ping an admin to try and make things okay to proceed, you literally choose the most dramatic way to start things instead of civilly. My concerns are why did you do this in first place, being a staff member of Dinks and knowing people would take issue with this, and why would an aspiring moderator go out of their way to cause what seemed to be the most chaos as possible?

My second concern revolves around favoritism, as previously mentioned. I have seen you willing to lessen the punishments of a few people you are friends/acquaintances with adamantly compared to individuals you do not know or are not friends with. The main one that comes to mind is with proper a while back. Despite the racism, trolling, and blatant lying, that proper did in that moment (not to mention other items of issue that occurred previously), you immediately wanted her ban either to be lessened if not fully undone. Now it may not have been favoritism, but it certainly came across that way. There is plenty of history in Dinkleberg's that shows favoritism and it has rarely had a positive outcome. My questions are, as moderator on a server with limited upper staff, will you be able to maintain a level head showing fairness, and is there anything you can do to assure some of the other community members that little favoritism will occur? I know preferences exist but blatant favoritism should be kept out of staffing. I realize this was a while ago and favoritism from you may have ended since your return, but the history is there, and I would be disappointed to watch history repeat itself negatively.

Anyways, good luck on your application, and I am a 0 for now.
Firstly regarding the president name(happened in July i think) I was still semi-retired mentally from staffing since for murder i would hop on here and there. So keeping up my appearance as a responsible community figure was not the least bit on my mind. During that time i had a multiple names depending on who was on from snorting various substances, uwuing, and the president of Nigeria. Admittedly I was in the wrong with how i handled the situation in discord instead of going to nicol or dong, but i did try with cactus i messaged him multiple times telling him mods and an admin had no problem with it. Most of my frustration came from the preemptive staffing and I handled it immaturely as a result. Since then I've taken a bigger role in Murder and I'm trying to lead by example so the new staff members don't make the same mistakes. I've limited my names back to Happy and Dad.

Regarding the favoritism I like to think I'm rather fair with the way i staff murder. I try to give everyone their warnings and due process with how we handle things. Regarding the proper instance at the time i was a discord mod and i believe discord procedures were still in process of officially being made.(i could be wrong) Admittedly I'm still fuzzy on my thought process, but judging from the screen shots you gave me. I most likely was basing it off how we handled Rits who was banned i think 3 times before we permaed her from discord. In no way would I consider Proper a friend maybe a distant acquaintance, but nothing more. If it came off as favoritism it honestly wasn't my intent.

I can't say I'll be the perfect staff member and I'm sure I'll have a hiccup here and there in the future, but I am growing as a staff member still as murder grows and expands. I am doing my best to keep my appearance and reputation in good standing and to be a figure new players and old alike can look to for help and guidance.
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