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Travis Moderator App
One last bump
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Make sure to make the day.
Not gonna be the broken record but you do a good job and are very helpful. The only other thing I will say is dont forget to let people help you, and remember to not take the game so seriously.

You're gonna do great.
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For now, this application is declined.

You talk about having everything covered even that less than 1% thing that could happen in various situations/scenarios. This leads to a couple of bans of yours that have come up. I know we have talked about it at least once if not more. So I will return your logic to you, what if you were wrong? You did not have anymore evidence other than 30 second clip of one kill, it did look suspicious but it didn't prove anything. What I think what may have happened is that you have such experience and instinct on some things that it has backfired on you at some points. You know things, but I think now you are getting slightly impatient from time to time on waiting to gather the evidence you need for a few of your bans. I want this issue resolved for sure before having you become moderator.

The other item is that sometimes on the mic in game, you can come across as aggressive. I realize that sometimes it needs to happen but the kid mic spamming does not need to hear that and I doubt the trolls react well to it either. This is nitpicking, you are a long time Dink's member, a friend, and a responsible person. I just want to make sure these hiccups are just hiccups before continuing.

The earliest you may apply is October 18, 2020.
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Make sure to make the day.

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