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ban appeal
Ingame Name: at the time Mic broken again music time. now mic broken 『Penis Manman』

SteamID: mrmow3

Who Banned You: Mana

Reason For Ban: Mass rdm

Length of Ban: forever

Reason for Admins to Unban: if you look it was my first time playing i mass rdmed 3 people and thought round hadn't started but now i know that i killed everyone for the whole game and 2 of 3 reported me and i responded to both with the little answer box thing and told them it was my first time and thought round didn't start yet

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): i havent been banned before it was the first time i played ttt dinkleberg
I actually don't remember banning you, huh. Well if i can't remember anything that means I either did this through a ban request or I banned you amongst a group of bans.
Not quite sure.
Anyways ill +1, just serve the 3 slays if this gets lifted. Just be more mindful next time before you start shooting.
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11-06-2019 ~ Today
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:431661007

Looks like you got banned on the 11th.

+1 reduction since you appealed
[Image: WYrY1SK.png]
Your Steam ID is

[Image: QfjhNQ2.png]
oh i thought i was the little link thing
To be un banned with 3 slays just serve those
[Image: 76561198097149808.png]
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