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B0T for Discord Staff (Another Discord Bot? much wow!)
Phat +1. Bot is super helpful, knows the rules and regs, and isnt scared to take on any challenge.
You can do it Bot! Just dont take on too much, no burning out, we want you to stick around a while.
Job well done!
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You are already very helpful on discord so yea why not have the role to go with it. You are very active, know the rules and have shown that you are keen to help out the community not just PH. Would be a great asset to the discord team  Big Grin

Pix  Heart
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The majority if not all discord staff, admins, and community members that voted or said anything about this in the discord or this application appear to support this idea. With that in mind, this application is accepted, welcome to the Discord staff team.

(Man I worded that terribly, my apologies.)
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Make sure to make the day.

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