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Offender's Name: Scr8bz [ttv.scr8bz | Depression]

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:545004942

Offender's Rank: Donor

What They Did: I couldn't find the server in my list of favorites, and wondered what happened to the server. I checked gametracker to find that the current map was gm_construct. So, I connected through console using the IP address and joined to find that it wasn't just gm_construct, but the gamemode was changed to TTT as well. In the video I included, you can see depression type !menu and the map immediately changed. I also included some screenshots from discord relay, where it shows he was going to change it to gm_flatgrass and whatnot. 

When They Did It: a little over an hour ago

Potential Witnesses: @snicks @Oly 

Proof: video & screenshot 1 screenshot 2

[Image: dinkleshitsignaturetiny.jpg]
He's also used his powers other than map change while I've been on the server, and I've warned him each time. Keeps trying to play dumb, and act like staff. We have a bunch of relay evidence of him changing maps too, but I guess that isn't enough. I'll have to go through my recordings, but I think I do have more of that. 
[Image: Ban_Dink.jpg]
[Image: unknown.png]

Thank you for the report.
[Image: 0000000.gif]

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