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[BUG] Pointshop 2 icons don't load in on join.
This is a very specific bug... When you first join the server, Pointshop 2 specific icons don't load. They show up as missing textures. It loads correctly once you sit through a map change, though. Not a high priority fix (and maybe one I should send to the PS2 dev) but still weird.

Pictures: Pre-load Post-load
Try waiting longer after opening gmod to join the server, I bet addons haven't finished mounting by the time you connect. If that doesn't work, subscribe to this addon:
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Took the words right out of my mouth. Yes do what Russ said and it should fix it.
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He said its working fine now, but I told him to just do what Russ said if this happens again.
Rejoining the server or restarting the game sometimes fixes it for me
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sorry idk what you're talking about man, pointshop two is one of the best addons and works perfect,
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