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Staff Application
Bg! Heya, glad you’re interested on helping the community. But, it’s going to be a -1 from me. You’re a good kid and you have potential, but i don’t believe you have what it takes to become a staff yet. Sorry, but don’t let me stop you tho. Just start posting on the forums a bit more and be around discord. Also, work on how you approach people online. : )

Whether the outcome is, I hope it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the game. See yah around!
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FYI SteamID is STEAM_0:0:212437782
Hey Bg_ALA,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to apply to be a trusted-level staff member. Please understand that I mean this with the best of intentions for honest feedback, and mean no malice.

I have a multitude of concerns regarding your mentality in a potential staffing role. They are as follows:
  • If GameTracker is accurate, you currently sit at 95 hours, which is technically below the bare minimum of 100 hours for trusted. Even then, applicants who wait for this minimum generally have other experience in moderating gaming servers or experience with TTT specifically. In your case, I'd like to see more in-game experience. I'm sure you'll be at minimum by the time this makes the rounds, but I feel for someone who joined this server to learn TTT, you need significantly more experience.
  • I've played with you a lot, so I can attest to this oersonally. Your overall mentality can be kind at times, but at times you can be rather aggressive when agitated by various trolls, and will often feed into the trolling. One role of a staff member is to keep the overall server atmosphere primarily directed at the gameplay aspect, while mitigating those who directly intend to detract from this. I don't see the way you interact with trolls as being helpful. Sure you may be targeted at times by trolls, but this is usually because of your reaction. A trusted may have to bear the weight of 31 players concerns if no other staff are available (not ideal but it could happen from time to time).
  • I question whether you would be able to fully understand the rules and be able to investigate reports well. On multiple times I've heard you arguing about a report you filed in which a slay was not administered. Reports can be complex at times, and staff may have to use careful discretion in determining a resolution. Sometimes people walk into crossfire accidentally, and sometimes players make mistakes and need to pay the consequences.
  • To my knowledge your only community interaction is on the server itself. You aren't on the forums (besides here) and to my knowledge are not on discord. As dong said, making an introduction post and filing some ban requests of occasional mass RDMers (there will be some, no worries there) would help show that you can handle the ban request aspect of staffing. It's not a difficult aspect but you have to be able to post video and/or screenshot evidence here.
  • You have to be able to discern when a joke is a joke. Just because someone jokes about RDM passes etc. doesn't mean that rule is suspended. I recall this happening one time where a lower staff member gave you 'permission' to RDM another player, when in actuality that was a pretty obvious joke.
My suggestion is to play more often, learn to take a step back from feeding the trolls, and get more involved in the community in discord and on the forums here. I hope you take this as I intend it to be, advice and honest feedback, as I do not mean any malice in these statements. I feel you have a lot to offer Dinkleberg's TTT and that you may eventually be able to handle making the leap to Trusted. You have a lot of potential in your future GMod play.
I'd recommend working on filing some ban requests here in the forums (usually for guest-level players who mass RDM) and work on your online interactions with other players. I'd recommend that you try reapplying after the Christmas season once you've worked on some of these issue - I feel that you could someday be an awesome staff member.

That said I cannot support a move to staff at this time.
When you queue cringe
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A general reminder to follow the Requirements for Comments on Staff Apps. Comments need to be more than a +1 with no reason.

Let's keep discussions related to the staff app. Any other comments or passive aggressive statements are not required. Thank you
4/8/20-1 year of staffing TTT
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Thank you for applying.

You're a young child (I'm assuming this), and this isn't meant in any disrespectful way, but I fear that if you were to become staff right now, you'd be a troll's #1 target. Everyone knows that kids USUALLY are the easiest to piss off, as they tend to think more emotionally that logically. Also, seeing that someone else said that you were gullible enough to believe that Trusteds could RDM is a MAJOR red flag for anyone who tries being staff. 

Another issue is that I don't even remember seeing you on the server... like I think the last time I saw you on it was in September.

This is also your first forum post, which doesn't bode well. How can the staff team know you're capable of making a ban request when you have absolutely zero forum activity? 

Discord activity is a joke, as the Dink's general discord is 95% shitposting from yours truly. I'm not counting that against you. 

A staff position is more than just a rank, you have to set an example for the other players on the server by being a leader, and being gullible shows a potential inability/weakness to be a leader. That being said, you are just a kid, so maybe that's a little harsh; however, keep that into consideration and if you try again next month after working on these things, I'm sure you'd be able to get staff.

-1. Best of luck on your next application, if you go through with trying again next month.
Hey Bg!

Thanks for applying man.

One thing you should work on first is putting in an introduction post into the forums and hoping on the discord a bit more often so people within the community can get to know you better. While I think you are a good kid, one thing I have noticed is you have a tendency to get set off easily when someone is joking around with you. I would like to see you working on controlling yourself during these situations a bit more as you have a tendency to aggressively lash out. It is a -1 for now, but as long as you work on that and become more involved with the community I think you should consider re-applying in the future!
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Yeah up your forum/discord presence and focus on your maturity a bit and you'll get a +1 from me in the future

but for now -1
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- 1 he once called me ugly
(10-28-2020, 06:48 PM)spine chill Wrote: - 1 he once called me ugly
So are you being serious or joking right now? If he did call you ugly and you are offended by it then just talk to him then about it if you haven’t. Either way bg ala you should probably work on a few things before you become trusted. 1- for now. Work on what others have said such as make some ban requests. It might take a while for you to get staff but if you are dedicated enough and you show what you have what it takes then I’m sure you would get staff at some point down the line if you put in the work.
Your application has been Denied

One of the basic requirements is that you're to have 100+ hours, but you barely miss that threshold. Other things played a factor into this denial as well. I would recommend to take into account any criticism that was provided here and apply it to yourself in order to learn and grow.

The earliest you may reapply is 11-27-2020
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