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> Must be 16+ years old
> Have 50 hours of server time (Rank of Master or Regular)
> Be part of the community for at least 2 months, this includes having a presence on the forums and Discord
> Must have an introduction on the forums 72 hours before the staff application can be submitted
> Follow the format at the bottom

Test Moderator:
> Wait 3 months after receiving trusted and be active during that time.
> Discord and forum presence (After becoming trusted you must create 10 threads that relate to either the community or DR specifically before advancing to Tmod. Shitposting threads do not count towards any rank advancement in DR)

> Must be 18+ years old
> Wait 5 months after receiving Test Moderator and be active during that time. 
> Discord and forum presence (Must create 15 threads minimum after being promoted to Test Moderator that relate to either the community or DR specifically before advancing.)

> Rank received by co-owner / owner of the server.

Use the provided format below and make a new thread with it in this subforum. The community will then post their opinions of your rise through the ranks. When you post your application you may want to try and inform any current staff members you know, as their posted opinions of you will help your application. Upper staff will then deliberate and determine if your application is approved. You will be informed of when you are approved or why you were denied. Ranks go as Follows Trusted > Test Moderator > Moderator. All staff will start out as trusted.

Be sure to put your Steam ID. Your Steam ID should look like this: STEAM_0:1:57715106 but with different numbers. You can find it HERE

Use the format below when applying for staff. Fill all fields to the best of your ability.

In-game Name (please include past names):

Steam ID:

Discord ID & Name:

Are you 16+ years old? (Yes/No)

Time Played (in hours): 

When You First Joined DR (Day/Month/Year):

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone):

Rank Desired: 

Current Rank:

What more can you do to help the community?:

Why do you want to help the community?:

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts. If you have been banned on any of Dinks servers within the past 3 months, your application will automatically be denied.):

Have you previously applied for DR staff? (Link Relevant Posts):

Do You Have Previous Experience with Staffing a Gaming Server? Yes/No. (If yes, where and what were your responsibilities?) [Previous Experience is not required]

How did you find us?:


(As of 4 November 2021, the minimum age requirement is activated. Staff members that are under 16 prior to this addition are exempt but cannot advance until they meet the age requirements for the next staff position.)
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