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Cactus for Green?

Cactus, I'll be honest I do not interact with you much on a 1-on-1 basis. You've been testmod since March 2020 and since then accrued over 200 additional hours. You've also made 10+ ban requests since that point (not excluding any additional bans you've helped with). I have no doubts that you have experience and excel in your role in a tmod. You're also a fairly active player ( You're capable of giving in and having fun with players, but also slaying yourself if it's appropriate so I don't think you abuse commands. Although this is purely based off how I've seen you interact with people on the server. Again, we don't interact much 1 on 1, but I do think you are experience and can be trusted to move up in rank. Currently we don't have many moderators that get on late at night, so it may be helpful to have you around for late night ban requests if needed.

In terms of attitude, you seem level-headed and unbiased. You enforce the rules and handle situations well (granted, I'm sure you may get frustrated at times, you've never shown it).
But uh yeah, cactus is a good guy even tho he says stranger danger when he sees me.
[Image: KrlwwEl.png]
I also admit I haven't seen you on server a whole lot, mostly in the past few weeks.
Admittedly I'm usually playing during Aussie hours...
But I will easily +1 your application based on how seriously you take the server state, both from a report standpoint and a quality of mic standpoint.

That, and your experience as detailed by burb stands out. You are ready for full-ban discretion abilities.
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]

I think you are well deserving of a promotion. Though we do not play regularly like we used to, I've only heard great things about you. You are very well like on the server and are fair in judgment. I think you'd make a great addition to the mod team. 

Final Vote: +1

I am cactus.

Cactus, I love you.

Let's be real though; you wouldn't be a good mod. 

You would be a TERRIFIC Mod.

So, because of this, I will give you the plus 1.

Best of luck on your app.
Be Brave; say something if you feel if it is important.
Your application has been Accepted, congrats.
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