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TTT - Your Time Reset & Needs Fixed
If you are here, you are either curious or your time got reset on the TTT server. Your time is not lost forever and can be easily recovered. Normally, staff would direct to the TTT Admin(s) but from now on, they will probably direct you here. The reason for that is so that our DMs do not become full of time resets that need fixed leaving the possibility of me forgetting a few over time.

To get your time back, please do the following steps:

Game Name: (if you have had different names in the past, post them all in this section as well.)

Steam ID: (You can find this on your Dinkleberg Forum Page or by using Steam ID finder, one will be linked here)

Time: (Either you can post the last time you knew or you can go to the Dinkleberg's TTT Gametracker page, insert your name (all names, all different variations), where you can post a screenshot of your time(s) or add up the time and post them here as well without a screenshot)

An example will be provided below:

Game Name: Nicol, who has also had the name Nicol Bolas among a few others variants.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:65836263

Time: 1228.9 hours, or 73734 minutes total. 

After doing this, please be patient and the TTT Admin(s) will take care of your time as soon as they can. Thank you and hope to see you on the server!

Anything not in the format above will be deleted. 

Stolen from Fish for TTT, fuck you : )
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Bumping this thread in case anyone needs to reset their time as it went a little under my radar for a while. Apologies for that of course. I will keep this bookmarked and will routinely remove old posts so this thread doesn't get too long.
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