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Plan E: Blue Shift
(01-12-2021, 12:38 PM)Evan Wrote:
(01-11-2021, 09:53 PM)Prince Nicky de Navidad Wrote: I'm not going to put a vote here, rather, just a few comments. 

I've noticed that sometimes you've been reluctant to enforce certain rules which would help to maintain some semblance of order on the server.
---A couple of weeks ago, there was a certain individual known for yelling in his mic. Said individual was doing just that. You stated in staff chat that you were hesitant to gag. This was a clear instance of micspam/earrape and incredibly annoying. Should have been a no-brainer gag and warn. I essentially had to push you to do that, which I thought was kind of ridiculous.
---This afternoon (~3 PM), I came on for around 15 minutes but couldn't last any longer than that because of rampant micspam and borderline harassment ongoing against a child player. There was regularly 5-6 mics going at once and the kid player was talking about inappropriate subjects for his age and being goaded/harassed by other players. And the certain individual known for yelling in his mic was once again doing just that. No warns added to anyone and I only saw a single gag administered during my time online (to a player who wasn't even that bad). The place was truly a madhouse and there was another staff member on at the time too. 

I have a few positive comments too
---You have over a thousand of hours experience playing TTT, which means you should be able to quickly recognize certain situations and administer the proper response. Of course, as David said, this does raise the expectations on you as well.
---In the staff chat, you generally "get it" with problem players that are brought up and know that what they are doing is wrong and need to be punished. But again, that response can't just be pushed down the line - you need to be willing to do it yourself and take the flack that you might be incurred in response from the playerbase.

It is now tomorrow morning and I can more thoroughly reply.  For the incident a couple of weeks ago, I believe I know the specific player you are referring to.  I was hesitant to gag this player due to the fact their screams were a result of them, as far as I could tell, genuinely panicking and shouting while getting killed.  Ultimately I concluded the most viable course of action was to get them to lower their voice transmit volume so they did not cause issues while panicking, with the hesitation stemming from me not wanting to gag someone for a human reaction while playing.  Whether it was genuine panic or forced screaming is another issue.  

Secondly, I can more explain yesterday's child player.  It started the map before you joined us on Lost Temple, with this player and Nazu getting into a fairly constant argument after a rdm.  By the end of this map, it seemed to have died down, with the child bickering a bit more with other players but nothing as serious.  On intergalactic and subsequently, not rats kitchen if I mentioned it earlier but mouse-house (the names are similar and I get confused), I did not believe this player was being harassed.  At the time, what I heard from both this player and other players did not seem to be an issue.  While there were still arguments between this player and other people, it did not seem to boil over into enough of a problem to intervene.  This may have been an error in my judgement, with me considering this player more an active instigator than someone merely being goaded into arguments, especially with this player deliberately continuing to argue after being told by myself and synthray to back down earlier.  Having multiple staff confirm to me he continued to misbehave in the same way later in the day makes me believe this consideration as the correct course of action.  

As for the micspam, I did not gag because the situation seemed to be more a result of many different and lively people talking rather than traditional spam.  This again may have been an error of my judgement yesterday, however I could not determine that anyone had met the definition of micspam rather than just people talking way more than usual.  It is also possible that while I was alive in game (And thus could not hear dead chat) or away from the computer for a minute to use the rest room, spam intensified to the point of requiring intervention.

I appreciate the detailed response, Evan, and I am satisfied by it. I think my comments may have been construed more negatively than I was intending by some readers. They were more intended as constructive criticism than attacking. I think you have great potential as a staff member - you're active again and very much so and again, you usually "get it" when it comes to problem players. I'd just hate to see you too hesitant to enforce unpopular rules, like those with mic-spam, to appease the troublemakers. A little trouble and trolling is fine here and there, but it inevitably reaches an inflection point where things reach "toxic" levels. 

The child player was annoying the other day, I will agree. If they were indeed the instigator, then that may be a slightly different story. That doesn't excuse the harassment from others, but does help explain their response, I suppose. The micspam was pretty awful though, but I can understand that you may have missed it for the reasons you suggested. Staff can't hear everything and, contrary to popular belief, are not robots. The player who we know screams in their mic does so constantly and I am certain it is forced. They do it when dying, when in dead chat, and at random times throughout a map. The occasional scream can be amusing, but not when half of all communications on the server from that player are screams. My ears, and I assume the ears of others, can only take so much.
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