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"Hacker acting of the year"
Offender's Name & Steam ID: mikraulph (STEAM_0:1:245218196)
Potential Witnesses: @"Milly~Dilly`"  @Roy Corvette  @desired_rat

Reason to Ban: Hacking 



Other: I do have a few videos before these, but the audio wasnt working. But this kid has really been acting like he's a new player, in the videos he mainly gone up to a lot of the props and killed them right away. I didn't catch him say it but he also said he doesn't care if he gets banned. That was a topic when trolls came along and started egging the server. He's also been top player for the past few maps with an unbelievable amount of kills.
[gBan] Agent Doge has banned mikraulph - Duration: Indefinitely! (Hacking)


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