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I'm sorry for my reckless, and poor choices.
Hello, my steam name is Blue. My steamID is 76561198452068698. I was banned by Norm Minder for the given reason "Can't imagine hacking in murder bye." And to my suspicion, this was a permanent ban. I'm extremely sorry for my cheating during the time I was on the murder server. and the reason I hope to learn from my mistakes and move on is that I have a few good friends that I play with on this server and it would be a shame to me if I never got to play on such a server with them again. Also, I know what I did was wrong and I was using esp hacks to play a prank on my buddies, it was a poor choice on my behalf. I now know that my lawless actions will not go undetected and I will refrain from doing such malicious acts in the future.

Nice walls

I have video you are bhopping .Do you think im gonna ban hackers like a 1 week or 1 month ? lol no .hackers never should be unbanned .

Hacking in such a simple game as murder? Seriously?
Our rules explicitly say that hacking ends with a permanent ban.
i knew there was some fish with you, this is a -1
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Your steam ID is STEAM_0:0:245901485

Please also follow the format here please:

Upon researching your account, you have 2,658 hours on Garry's Mod alone as of writing my response. Enough hours to knows that hacking is very much banned on 99% of the servers in the game, as well as banned on steam as a whole. I'm sorry but in my opinion, you were willfully negligent and ultimately paid the price for your actions. I recommend you take the time away from the server to reflect on your actions.

The apology is appreciated;
However you were banned yesterday.
Your heartfelt apology, as genuine as it probably is, might mean something if you come back 1 or 2 years from now but not 1 day later - not now. Now you are sorry you got caught and punished.
Many dumb acts of stupidity can be forgiven but hacking is a significant issue.
It undermines the integrity of our server.

Most bans serve a punishment role, but bans for hacking are for protection of the integrity of the server.

-1 reapply in the summer. Then, maybe with some kind of "must stream" requirement, to certify that you are not cheating at any given moment, maybe I can begin to support.
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-1 On the unban. Apologizing is nice and all but I feel like you should thought through this whole... 'prank' if you wanted to keep playing with your friends. In the end, hacks ruins the fun for everyone else in the server including yourself.

Next unban request, please use the format provided.
Hacking is not cool. Unban request denied. You may request again on February 29th. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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