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I have been honest with all the staff apps , and I will be in this application.

First I want to talk about good things.He always pings the staff when something bad happens on the server ,and he knows exactly how to do ban requests ,and he gives evidence to the staff .I don't know what's going on in dr server , but you're usually very calm in your murder server ,I don't have a problem feeding trolls.He usually lets us handle it when it's me or another staff member .He warns trolls  when he should.And he's trying to help the server develop ,playermodels,fixing spawnpoints,maps etc.

I'm not going to talk about the your history,Other staffs and players have spoken enough,there's not much point in talking any more.

Yeah, I'm gonna get to the point now.I want to ask why you're talking shit about me other channels or etc whatever .I was really going to support this application, but I've seen some talk shit about me ,and I don't want you to do it.Let me give you an example"theres 3 people and i manage to rdm" - norm.What was the reason you wrote this to the other channels ?And you lie to people about me .I've heard you say to some people that I forced you to be a staff member(murder staff app)You told me you were going to apply, and I gave you some more activity, and more requests for .And you told some people I forced you to apply nah.

As I said ,I still support this application, but I want you to answer them .I don't want any problems between us.I was going to apply +1, but what they were talking about me changed my mind.
Murder Mod January 9, 2020 - Present
I suggest answering Norms questions in DM's, to prevent turning this thread into a lengthy conversation.
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
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(02-27-2021, 09:58 PM)The Triangle Wrote: I suggest answering Norms questions in DM's, to prevent turning this thread into a lengthy conversation.
Request honored
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