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enable sprays
(02-18-2021, 04:59 PM)jax Wrote:
(02-18-2021, 03:54 PM)Nicol Wrote: Staff do not need an additional level of responsibility to ensure sprays are safe, non-offensive, etc. I've seen it on other servers and it's a pain to manage when you can just have them disabled. They serve no purpose other than being a spray.

Sure maybe a pain with the system that’s in place right now, but preapproved sprays should be fine.

vapes serve no other purpose than being vapes, skins serve no other purpose than being a skin. What was your point with that?

Anyways, it’s pretty clear this isn’t going to get implemented and I don’t care enough about sprays to press the issue
well i mean vapes can be used as smoke nades no they do have one purpose
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No, there'd be no way of filtering it, so all kinds of NSFW sprays would be on the server.
[Image: oKn4mWG.png]
only thing that comes to mind is "spray mesh" its a in-game spray mechanic i dont know too much about
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+1 this idea is great and actually would promote individualism and also allow the player to express themselves without having to pick from a option given to them by the server itself (such as pre-set skins). For one there would be no way to infect other players via uploading a custom spray unless there was a zero day exploit (practically an exploit no one is aware of) which could be done by placing it in-game. However currently there is no public/private exploits you are able to try yourself or even buy to use for yourself regarding a "infected spray". This can change if a server uses a 3rd party spray manager which may either be back doored or has exploits. Two, Valve for the most part have fixed most RCE exploits or other methods to run pay loads for source games. Notice how every source game from Counter Strike 1.6, to Garry's Mod, to even Counter Strike: Global Offensive has the availability for you to place a spray, yet people getting infected via people placing sprays is not a rampant issue. Now don't get me wrong a few years ago there was an exploit where sprays could be used to crash anyone who looked at it, it could be used as a way one mirror, and at one point there was an exploit back in 2015 that a few people were using which would run a payload via spray. Legally there is no issue with people spraying any type of photo. Someone could very literally spray an illegal photo of a child or something else and innocent players on the server would have no legal issues (unless they save or screenshot the spray).. Nor would the server be shut down by the company hosting it or law enforcement (this changes if the server owner clearly sees illegal content being hosted but nothing is done). There is no binding contract between anyone on the server, therefore there is no legal regulation regarding the server being affected by one player's choice (however the company could place regulation which would make the owner of the server responsible and would allow them to shut the server down). So legally there is no issues I can figure out myself as of right now that would happen from this. Now a solution to this would be three possible options. One, put in some sort of system where only verified members are allowed to spray (possibly some sort of account manager where you have to type in a password before the server "allows" you to place a spray. This would cancel out random people spraying stuff and was also allow members to send the photos to staff for verification before being allowed. Two, get a addon which blocks potential NSFW sprays but this may not be efficient as some think. Lastly there could be a system put in place where you have to buy pre-set sprays via the store with points. This would bypass the fact of having to verify a user, a spray, and allow players to place a spray without giving them the option of a custom one (bypassing the issue all together but still giving some player choice). One last thing I want to mention is that sprays are the last thing people need to be worrying about. There are currently two RCE exploits available to anyone with specific access to the group which provides said exploits. People can exploit a server without sprays, not only that but using a spray to run a pay load is way harder than just exploiting it via other methods. Besides there are some server exploits which you can run by just using a lua script executor and code which searches and automatically exploits (most times just a back door) anything it finds. I can say that personally without some sort of regulation of sprays it would be disaster for regular players if guests are coming into the server and trolling. Which of course brings up the issue of is there enough time / man power to actually process all of these sprays and what if no staff is online while someone is abusing sprays?

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