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yes, another ban req, not ma fault
Offender's Name: yakub STEAM_0:1:155556785
walmar STEAM_0:0:165368921
moses STEAM_0:0:572831026 
i suck really badly at this game STEAM_0:0:52662602
Zeus STEAM_0:1:53852091
The Great Hastur STEAM_0:1:180608523

ah shit STEAM_0:0:91709302 

Offender's SteamID: above

Potential Witnesses: 

Reason to Ban: trolling, harassment, rape jokes, micspam
Proof: i already apologised for the amount of vids 
So, basically, moses and walmar have no intention to stop going after me.

Same shit as in the first vid, but we also have Yakub with micspam.

Some more trolling and micspam from Zeus and rape jokes from 'i suck...' and The Great Hastur.

Rape jokes and trolling from Zeus, moses, i suck..., yakub, walmar, the great hastur.

More trolling and rape jokes.

Moses and walmar kept making fun of a girl which made her leave the server. This guys are cancer.

And some screenshots just in case:

Other: I stand for a permanent ban for every one of them.
First walmar and moses banned Indefinitely.For constant harrasing staff girls and players ,using slurs,racism,trolling and micspam they know where to appeal.This is not first offence.
I'll ban other players for 4 weeks for trolling, harassment, rape jokes, micspam,I don't want to ban it Indefinitely in first offence.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Murder Mod January 9, 2020 - Present

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