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[test]Ashley's Trusted App
Domo, Ashley 

For Starters, you have been the most enjoyable player to have played with on PH,

Meaning that you know the boundaries of what a donor can and cannot do when staff is on or not.

You do report/ ping discord staff call when there are players who love to bend the hell out of the rules for our server

and that one of the keys traits I tend to look for any new potential staff materials in players.

I see that some say you need to have at least a ban request or so, however even though it is not 

a requirement, it serves to show that you are able to help staff when at times none of staff are available to join and stop any rule breakers as well as seeing they style of the evidence is comprise and if it enough for the players in question to receive notice to other staff in future interactions or if a player went pass beyond the line where its not deem safe to have the player in the community.

After that note since Trusted is the first stepping stone as a staff member here, the training is somewhat similar to Donor guidelines, but with a little more of a twist which I think that you can handle the situation when it gets bad.

Results: +1
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Hello Ashley, Thanks for Applying!

I've put some thought into this and If I'm honest there's nothing other than the lack of ban requests to show us how you would handle a situation. Ban requests are encouraged and you should look at our achieve and guidelines on how to make some. You say that mods usually get to the baddies before you can make some, but there's still room for some when staff aren't able to get on. You are very active, and you know the rules to an extent, Staff deal with so much that some stuff might get lost in translation. It's good to ask questions because someone said one thing and others might've said something else. If you get staff, we can help guide with some of the inconsistencies along the way. I see no problem with you being trusted at this time, you meet the requirements. 

It's a (+1) from me if I have to vote, show us what you can do, even if you don't get it.
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