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Mic Spamming, and slurs
Offender's Name & Steam ID: 
Cock Inspecter STEAM_0:0:200224822
CleanBean723 STEAM_0:1:457953132

Potential Witnesses: RopeGuy20_TTV, Toxicshnae, and Aecho

Reason to Ban: Mic spamming and racial slurs.

View my proof of the entire situation here you DO NOT need to watch the entire video. View the description section of the video to see all of the listed events.

RopeGuy20's clip on the inspector and clean bean here

Other: Toxicshane took action on CleanBean on his own and I personally don't think that CleanBean deserves a ban since they were not warned but I have provided the evidence in case it is needed for future reference. The ban report is more focused on Inspecter. Also, Toxicshane and I did not coordinate anything and are responsible for our own actions. 

I believe they should get at least a day ban or more, but not just of what they did, but because it looked like
they also tried to evaded punishment.
-Resigned DR Admin
-Resigned Ph Trusted
I'm sorry this was never touched, looking at the evidence and looks like people with extra time on their hands, thanks for this.

I'll be closing this now and just listing them, if caught again they'll most likely get banned.

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