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PH News Bulletin 3/11/21
Welcome to the first news bulletin of 2021! Hope the year is going well for people! It's been a while since an update was posted but there wasn't really anything to note until the last few weeks when some things happened. 

First we shall start with what isn't broken anymore, the times!!!! Dink has fixed the time plug in, but it does have a problem in where it didn't track your time while it was broken. We do have a fix your time thread where you can post however please be patient with it cause only two people can do it and they have lives to live. The ranks are still sadly broken though. 

We also have some new promotions!!! Possum and Pauling made it to Moderator and Gebriel and Aki have reached T-Mod so congrats to them!! 

Also TheUltraFish came back to Admin cause he just missed us so much he couldn't stay away! 

The staff list was also updated to move the inactive staff into a separate list and made said list visible, may still have changes done to it though. 

Staff Members of the Month were 
January: Gebriel 
February: Gebriel

There was a punishment change in our staff guidelines to Situation 11, for those who wish to see them just click here

The map rotation project I started is still going to happen but I have not had a ton of time and I wish to fix some issues with maps currently on server before adding new ones. 

With any of the new maps posted, if you find any spots you think are illegal just post them in the discord and they will be looked at. 

New maps that have been added are: 

Maps removed: 
The duplicate Underground Station maps
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can i still shitpost here

also hi star how are things
What's the change to the new zombie bunker?
(03-12-2021, 12:31 AM)RussEfarmer Wrote: What's the change to the new zombie bunker?

Total revamp. Upgraded textures, more props added, the map was made larger with 3 additional rooms, some illegal spots taken out etc. Made up in such a way that the props stand a chance against the hunters but not too difficult for the hunters to find the props. Simplistic in its design but not an eyesore like in certain areas of the original zombie bunker.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

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Monke Resign 
Staffing in 2021 
Fish Fun
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(03-12-2021, 12:31 AM)Stress Queen Wrote: What's the change to the new zombie bunker?
It has extra rooms, texture updates, and added props.
Congrats guys! Well deserved!
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