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Uriel Discord/Forum Unban Request
Uriel asked me to do this on his behalf,  I guess he can't get onto the forums. Also, I did not see an appropriate forums unban request, so I just put it here. I'm not sure if he's even banned from the discord, but I'll throw that information on as well. (If not, just ignore the discord part.) This is mostly for the forums.

[Image: g8b2a0.PNG]

Forum/Discord Name: Uriel

Discord ID: Uriel#3015Uriel

Who Banned You: Sorry, I did not get this information.

Reason For Ban: Self - inflicted?

Length of Ban: Permanent

Reason for Admins to Unban: I have been playing more on the TTT servers, and I would like to become more active in the community again. I cannot check any of the forums posts, and I can't keep up to date with any news or changes. Also, since I am no longer a part of the discord, I cannot communicate with other players unless it is on the server. I have not caused any problems recently on TTT or within the community. I am sorry for any previous actions that may have offended anyone.

Have you been banned before(any of our platforms & Link relevant threads): 

[Image: xdjlve.png]
Unbanned. It wasn't a real ban anyway.
[Image: b_560x95.png]

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