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Lingering ulx issue from 6 years ago?
(04-06-2021, 01:51 AM)Jimmy Jam The Dab Man Wrote: well I outright disabled windows firewall through PowerShell and tried turning off every filter blocking option in my router with no luck, however when i seem to use a vpn the server shows up no problem?!?!?! So I guess as long as theres no rules against vpns that might be my only option.

There are no rules against using VPNs, so you're fine.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
So, are you able to connect now?
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
Player is on the server now, this can be closed and archived.
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
Issue Resolved.
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