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Ban or Demote a subject
Offender's Name: Just Pizza Jaden

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:26180360

Potential Witnesses: Nick, Adam, Quantum_edge, Lard Lord Jr.

Reason to Ban: Donor Abuse

Proof:  [Image: attachment.php?aid=2926]

- Context: So, we are playing on Terrortrain, Pre-round starts and I got spawned at one of the ends of the map, JustPizzaJaden comes and stays in the door and just keeps still there and moving the camera watching at me. The round starts and He still doesnt move (More than 8 seconds) So i trow a Discomb and he goes flying off the train and dies. Inmediatly after his death I get kicked, with the message I put as evidence.

Just like the next image presents (attachment 2 [CHAT]), I did not warn for doorblocking, but I neither played along with him nor said anything to keep him there, and I consider his sense of time, doorblocking, is bad then. But that may be my fault, for not typing.

I deserve a slay for throwing the discomb, no doubt. AND I would be cool with the kick as a response/ or as a joke. But the message he put directly bothers me, because I haven´t interacted with him, even less disrespected him (I dont recognize his name, so I dont really know him). So, just wanted to register this kind of stuff, even after reconnecting, I dont get a respectful "lets warn each other" or "dont do that" But just responds with that after I ask where do demote request go.
I may be wrong, and sorry for wasting time, and if I have to give more details or have to respond if he does a reply on this thread I will follow it, to make things clear. Other than that, I think this info gives a picture of what happened.

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“Fuck you” well.... that’s just rude tbh. Wonder why he kicked you though since your other link isn’t working.

Nvm you edited it now so I get the full story now I think. 1+ On referring him to the donor guidelines or possibly a strike. Basically said that last part since I feel he should know better since I have seen him in the server a good bit but again I’m not really the judge on here.
based; this man deserves an Oscar
pain has many forums...

some iconic words hurled at me:

"You vile maggot, I hope you rot in Hell"

"You never lost your autism"

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