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Hacker boi

Offender's Name & Steam ID: The One Eyed King STEAM_0:0:89216364
Potential Witnesses: idk

Reason to Ban: Hacking,aimbot
Proof: (
Other: This is should be enough 
I did not need to watch this for very long to see that these are blatant hacks. The aggressive flickering when it attempts to lock on someone else after that first kill and its shakes. Too obvious man.

( +1 ) ban this nerd

They got off before I got on (aka before they could be handled lols)
Looking at the evidence, def some sort of aim hacking from the shaking of the camera.
[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b7611aefbf09e110e07fa9d...y.gif&ct=g]
Yep, that looks pretty blatant to me, so +1 to the banishment
This guy needs to adjust his hacks or buy some new ones. Clearly still trash at the game. 
You can clearly see the shake and the locks as well on players. 
+1 For a ban

[Image: s1bMrsR.png]
[Image: l4704yy.png]
[gBan] Lt. Star has banned The One Eyed King - Duration: Indefinitely! (Hacking/Aimlock)

Also there is no need to 'vote' on ban requests lol, just wasting your time and making the thread longer
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