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Ghosting Buddies
Names: Grimmz_, AJShadow11
Steam IDs: STEAM_0:1:35614881, STEAM_0:1:122474547
Potential Witnesses: RiddleZ
Reason to Ban: These two were on opposite teams feeding each other the locations of props when they were dead.
Thank you for the evidence Etta!
This does seem like ghosting from the looks of the videos.
Looking at the players, however, it seems that this is their first time (at least from the listings) of them ghosting.
So, this thread will most likely be closed until they start up again. C:
[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b7611aefbf09e110e07fa9d...y.gif&ct=g]
I see ghosting in this evidence. They will be added to the watchlist, we don't ban first time convicted ghosters.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.

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