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PH News Bulletin 4/29/2021
Hello Prop Hunt players and Dinkleberg community members.

This is just a short bulletin to show what has happened since the last bulletin on 3/11 and what is being worked on currently.

First in foremost, PH staff members of the month are Lt. Star for the month of March and MissPauling for the month of April. So congratulations to the both of them for their hard work to the server and community. I would also like to thank the other staff members who have helped out since the new year.

Rank Changes: 
Only a couple took place as Ashley and Here Lies Eggroll's Reputation joined the staff team as Trusted

Items that were changed on the server and forums were: 
  1. !hop as well as another security leak, that was used to send inappropriate pictures to individuals on the server, have both been removed.
  2. Illegal Spots List has been updated
  3. Illegal Prop Hunt Spots but with Pictures and Explanations has also been updated completely
  4. Adjusted Staff Member of the Month List, got rid of the inactive staff list, and updated the staff list to have current members properly placed.
Items Attempted to be worked on: 

Having all illegal props blacklisted from the prop menu. Dink has responded to this and has all the prop names by file. The blue chair has also been included in this due to how many regulars that think it is cool to constantly abuse it.

Timed gags and mutes to be added. Dink has not responded to this so I do not even know if he is a fan of it or not.

That is all for the PH bulletin this time. Thank you and have a great day.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.                                                              Meme
Congrats Pauling and Star! and welcome to the team Ashley and Egg!
[Image: s1bMrsR.png]
[Image: l4704yy.png]
Congrats to everyone who was promoted + added, and thank you to the other staff who have been such a great help to me in my journey so far Tongue So excited + ty for being welcomed in so graciously :-)
Star getting his well deserved Staff of the Month and Pauling getting hers as well. Love yall both!
In case this is a prop that would like to be added to the list since it is just as broken as the chair I will be providing the file name and map I have found this prop on. This seems to be a way less common prop than the blue chair but from my perspective, it is just as broken as the blue chair. It's just not on as many maps as the blue chair. Anyway, here is the map I found this broken prop on, and here is the full name of said prop. Sorry, this is typed up so messy it's 4:30 am and I need sleep lol. Also, I put the map there just in case you would like to know which map the prop is on. 

TLDR: I found another prop that is just as broken as the chair and I believe it should also be added to the ban list if the blue chair is getting banned. I've provided the prop name and map I found it on.

Please see attached.
[Image: Banned-Gravity-Small.jpg]
Yes that one does do that but is far less of a problem. It's size makes it more difficult to cheat with. Most people that become that prop are generally stuck. We'll take care of it if it becomes an issue. The matter of if it becomes an issue would depend on the regulars I suppose.

The way the prop is makes it a bit more difficult to get away with compared to the others. It is much more difficult to abuse compared to the blue chair.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.                                                              Meme

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