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Religion isn't allowed.
oh come on man, didn't anybody tell you?

There are 3 things to avoid talking about in public (in this case, a Gmod server):


This definitely wasn't abuse; however, I do understand your frustration. Next time you want to do an abuse thread I suggest having screenshots or a instant replay of it happening, as that'll make proving your case easier. I know that you probably don't actively do that as you probably really don't care that much, but it's the only way you're going to convince those who take these kinds of threads seriously.

Also, he is right, Judaism is a religious belief and Jews are an ethnic group. Jews are NOT a race, hence why when you say something Anti-Jewish, rather than being called "racist" you are called "Anti-Semite." 

Just some food for thought.
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I just want to type this out here so there everyone knows what we are waiting for at the moment. From my understanding @TheUltraFish is requesting a full video of the entire situation to review the warnings given and any actions staff took. Currently, I am uploading the full video to youtube then after it is finished I will send the video to @B0T.ikillyou so that he can go through it and point out when and where important events happened via the comments section or description. This is just a suggestion of what I believe B0T should do to prevent the need to watch a 1 hour and 38-minute video. I am not sure if he will be doing this but I'm sure it'd be great to have. I will be providing this evidence in order to hopefully support B0T and provide the upper staff team all the evidence that (hopefully) should be needed and possibly answer all the questions anyone may have. Although it was from my point of view I have recorded all the warnings and the entire conversation which is what counts. Either B0T or I will be posting the youtube video here as soon everything is ready. Although this may take a while it will definitely give a lot more information and context. Apologies for the wait and good luck B0T.
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Okay so I have watched the video before and during the event above occurred. You forgot to mention the amount of trolling and other crazy things that were happening on the server before your comment came along. I do agree that there was definitely some helicopter staffing during the moments that led up to your gag on spooky scary. They should have tried approaching things in a slightly different way since their methods were only egging you and your friends on at the time. The two staff went a more aggressive and loud route which is not my preferred way in most instances.

Something of note though, was the amount of trolling, race baiting etc. that was going on before this occurred. You guys were being terrible, arguing every rule rule under the sun, you were asked to change topics but continued on them if not getting worse, and would act all surprised when someone mic spamming or toxic trolling got gagged and/or muted. You do not get to read things into the mic continuously without it being considered mic spam. You do not get to be rude to players/staff, do whatever you want, and get away with things. With everything going on up to the point where you made your comment, how did you think making a holocaust joke was going to get by without some sort of punishment or warning?

This next part goes to everyone involved. If there is trolling going on, figure out what kind is going on. If it is the toxic kind like harassing people, arguing about everything, being disrespectful etc. you probably should not do it. That is different than the fun trolling/pranking that everyone can enjoy and have a good time with. Both staff and players need to realize this because there were parts of the video I was wondering what the staff were doing and other parts where I fully supported them despite what the louder individuals of the server said. Just because the louder people on the server agree with you does not mean it is fine with many of the other people.

Overall, I do not see any abuse here that needs to be addressed further in any way. The item you turned him in on, you were in the wrong. You do not get to make jokes like that on the server and not get gagged/muted for it.
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