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Unban request
idk how to explain in text. May i have a vocal talk in the discord general? @eminem
Please follow the format provided here:
"Geb is as innocent as a Grim Reaper... Just without a sharp stick." 
    [Image: newsig.gif]
[Image: 9fGlyRBk.gif]
Steam Name: (Steam name here if you have changed/altered your name since the ban, please include the name that you were banned with)
Steam I.D: (Steam I.D. here)
Who banned you:

Reason for ban:

Reason for Admins to unban you: (If you have proof of your innocence, please attach them or leave a link where we can see them. However, we understand that will most likely not be the case and the staff member(s) should have gathered evidence to justify the ban.
(Optional) Extra details/information:

Please note that community members and/or staff will also give their input on any evidence presented from both parties. Ultimately, an administrator or above will make a final decision if you should be unbanned or not.

Pls used this template from Read this before posting unban request even though this is a Temp ban of 1 day....
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: YWj4Wn.gif]
Eminem is also known for writing his lyrics on paper.

I told you: Discord is not the place for an unban request. Not even for The Slim Shady
There's still time to use the correct format for your unban request. Since it is just a 24-hour ban it will not take that much extreme effort to possibly get your ban reduced to 12 hours or maybe even completely lifted but the longer you take the longer you'll need to wait. Just consider it or just wait it out. Up to you Smile
[Image: Eggbanned.jpg][Image: Banned-Gravity-Small.jpg]
This thread is going to get locked but if you do happen to actually have an unban request taken seriously copy and paste this but give a reason:

Steam Name: EDP445 (at time of ban), eminem

Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:585014880

Who banned you: §3B0T.killyou752 #TTV

Reason for ban: Punishment evasion/Trolling/Arguing with staff

Reason for Admins to unban you:

(Optional) Extra details/information:
[Image: pikaaaaa-chuuuuuuuu.gif]
From the evidence I saw, you kept punishment evading by leaving, changing your name, and reconnecting. It is a day ban so you will be unbanned within a few hours anyways. Please do not punishment evade in the future.

This thread is closed.
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Make sure to make the day.

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