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Revenge of the 6th
Hi everyone,
As implied in the title, and as you may have heard, I have accepted the role of discord admin - making 6 (active) admins in the community.
I joined this community last summer, playing pretty much only TTT. I joined the discord as I became more involved in the community, and eventually applied to join the TTT staff team.
My desires at the time were just to assist as I could, help out with the occasional RDM report, etc. Make the server a better place with whatever little time I had to play.
As time went on, I became more involved with the discord. I wanted to help there, and somewhat inspired by @synthray, I applied to join the discord staff team as well.

I want to make the discord a better place for all parties involved. I want it to continue being a fun place to hang out, while keeping it a respectful place that anyone is welcome to join.
We recently reached level 3 nitro boosting status, which means we have high voice streaming quality, many more emoji slots, and a custom invite URL. I'm excited to see what we do next.

I want to thank Dink and the admin team for trusting me with this responsibility, and thank the discord staff team for all of their hard work - @Noire, @"B0T.ikillyou", @synthray, and @"[test]Ashley". I'm happy to have you all on board, and am excited to work with you moving forward.

I will provide regular updates on any changes made to the rules, features, policies, and operations of the discord. Whether these will be made in the forums, on the discord, or both is yet to be determined - but I want decisions made with full transparency and community input where possible.

Thanks to everyone who has been so welcoming to me in the past 8 or so months that I have been a part of this community. I look forward to serving Dinkleberg's GMod discord server in the future!

When you queue cringe
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Glad we could finally get you in a role that we know you'll excel in! Welcome to the club.
If you can read this you're gay.
I just had the weirdest feeling. I realized that people that joined the server while i was staffing are now running it. Not saying it is a bad thing just that it is a very surreal feeling. Grats on Discord admin stupid.
I demand accountability and transparency on the recent banning of @GCubed
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(05-06-2021, 01:49 AM)brock Wrote: I demand accountability and transparency on the recent banning of @GCubed
He can just post an unban request if he wants more info. 

Anyways Congrats Jammin!
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Jammin! So happy you've accepted the role. Excited to work more with you in the future. Congrats!
ok now resign
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this man waited until it was the 6h to accept the position just so he could get this thread title. I respect that. Good work man.
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