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Revenge of the 6th
Congrats on the position!!!!
Nice Car.
Be a shame if I ran into it
When I said Thank you to in dms , he said, "Thanks! I'm happy to serve"I have no doubt that Jammin will do a good job

I would like to ask you a question.

What are your plans for the future ?

note: I can't post the Nobody: Discord mods meme anymoreSad
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Steam|Discord Norm Minder#5392
(05-06-2021, 10:29 AM)Norm Minder Wrote: What are your plans for the future ?
Immediate future is to be a good admin and go inactive, leaving for vacation tomorrow (preplanned since November).

In seriousness, long term agenda is pending but short term I want to expand our current discord staff team, to ensure we are well covered. You can also expect to see more emojis available soon, and the launch of a text chat for VC users without a mic.

Long term my #1 goal is to make this a community discord, not just a place for one or two groups to rule over. When 40% of the community has #general muted, there is a disconnect that should be addressed.

Most importantly, community feedback will be key. I'll likely be hosting a town hall, similar to the TTT one, in the coming weeks.
When you queue cringe
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just don't turn the discord into the Second Order or the New Galactic Empire, okay? 

congrats on the promotion; hope you bring balance to the discord, and don't destroy it.
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can i be deputy junior discord admin
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