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strrrrrrrrrike 1
Offender's Name: MagykThorne

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:58819306

What Server(s): ttt


gagging others, ungagging self. user was warned three times to abide by donor guidelines and stop this type of behavior. ignored questions regarding whether he read the guidelines.
this is useless as this is for a donor strike so go ahead and delete it if so but this person has the shortest fuse and the fastest triggerfinger. they got mad and offended by almost everything and when i said "why are you gay" you know your normal meme most understand im or others are being the clown of 2021 but magyk immediately started getting mad that i was being rude to them/attacking them about being pansexual and "people are always attacking me on here for being pansexual and it needs to stop" because i didn't want them to escalate into the back woods bonfire i just told them i was pan and then they gloated how there not the only pan person. (and i am not pansexual just pointing it out )

i +1 them getting a donor strike and maybe someone asking them to calm tf down were not all out to get ya
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"Who the fuck is Magyk" LMAO

This man needs to be warned at the very least, given a strike at worst.

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+1, The fact alone that 3 warns were warranted prove that this individual should have at the very least a Donor Strike.
+1 to a strike 100% Donor abuse.
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+1 on a donor strike. A donor should never need to ever gag staff and especially without warning/asking (as a joke) and ESPECIALLY not as a donor.
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Since the player has joined the forums
@MagykThorne: please note that the donor guidelines must be followed. They are here:

In general, don't ever ungag a staff gag. If staff gag you, don't ungag yourself. Don't randomly gag others.
When you queue cringe
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ok he saw someone lock this thanks
Bumping to get the thread closed faster

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