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Discord Update May 2021
Hello everyone! 11 months after the last discord update, here are some of the latest updates we have made to the discord server!
Before jumping into the latest discord updates, I want to ask for some community feedback. Please fill out this survey here. You can also DM me on discord for feedback or with any questions you may have.

1. Voice chats
We have added a text chat for voice chat users of the voice lounges! Now, whenever you join one of the voice lounges (General, Chill Zone, Theatre, Donor Lounge, and Staff Lounge), a text chat will become visible! These text chats will be available to allow those in a voice lounge who don't have a working microphone to participate in the discussion!
Same rules apply in these chats, no excessive shitposting, harassment, etc. in these channels.
The channels normally look like this:
 [Image: No_Voice_chat.PNG]
When someone joins the lounge, however, the text chat will appear above the voice channel list!
[Image: VC_Text_active.PNG]

2. Emojis added
Based on suggestions from our emoji suggestion thread, or DM'd to me on discord, we have uploaded some new emojis for the discord to enjoy! I hope to upload more on a regular basis.
If your suggested emoji wasn't uploaded this time, don't fear - more emojis will be added on a regular basis (including ones already suggested)! Keep suggesting new emojis to add in the emoji thread.
That being said, here are the latest emojis for you to check out:
[Image: NewEmojis1.PNG][Image: NewEmojis2.PNG]
Additionally, we have some animated emojis added:
[Image: NewEmojis3.PNG]
Use them well!

3. Promotion of suicide/self-harm
In order to better comply with discord TOS, specifically guideline #9 of the commuity guidelines, as well as to avoid toxic discussions around this subject, the following actions were taken:
1. The voice chat "Suicide Booth" was removed.
2. The emojis :kms:, :hmm:, and :pocketnoose: were removed from the server. These emojis are borderline in violation of this guideline, and have been used in the past in toxic discussion that promoted self harm. These emojis will now be considered in violation of our rules for all future posts.
3. Future discussion in promotion of suicide will continue to be punished as a discord TOS violation, including the use of the three emojis that have been removed from the server.

Thank you for your time, I hope you all have a great night!
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
Never Forget
Thank you for making the changes. I've always wondered why the sh emojis were a thing. Thank for you removing them. You're doing great as Discord admin Smile
[Image: 955ef7a32696f2e506ea3319fcb5017a.png][Image: Banned-Gravity-Small.jpg]
All good things! Agree 100% with these changes. Thank you !
i hate discord admin!
[Image: hatedan.png]

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